George Floyd Called Donald Trump’s Administration the ‘White Supremacist House,’ Sister Says

LaTonya Floyd, the sister of George Floyd, told U.K. newspaper the Daily Mirror on Thursday that her brother held strong anti-Trump political views before his death at the hands of Minneapolis police officers in May.

a man wearing a suit and tie: LaTonya Floyd, the sister of George Floyd, spoke out against President Donald Trump's reaction to the death of her brother on Thursday.

© Logan Cyrus/AFP/Getty
LaTonya Floyd, the sister of George Floyd, spoke out against President Donald Trump’s reaction to the death of her brother on Thursday.

George Floyd, a Black man, died earlier this year after members of the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) attempted to place him under arrest. Derek Chauvin, a white officer who has since been fired from the MPD and charged with murder, was captured on video kneeling on George Floyd’s neck. George Floyd could be heard to say “I can’t breathe” in the footage which went viral. After George Floyd’s death, protests sprang up in many U.S. cities against racism and police brutality. Some observers have accused Trump of aligning himself with groups that adhere to white supremacist ideals.

Police Reform Across America Amid George Floyd And Black Lives Matter Protests



LaTonya Floyd said that her brother “had Trump’s number. He’d speak to me of how divisive he was. In his mind, Trump didn’t live in the White House, but had made it the White Supremacist House.”

She insists the first debate proved that Trump has “never” been a good president.

“Leaders are defined by their characters, by their conviction, by their will to do what is right,” LaTonya Floyd told the Daily Mirror. “The only character Trump cares for is himself.”

Trump’s perceived hesitation to condemn the activities of far-right activists during Tuesday’s presidential debate drew criticism from both sides of the aisle. Trump specifically addressed the Proud Boys, which has been classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group. “Proud Boys,” Trump said, “stand back and stand by.”

On Wednesday, Democratic nominee Joe Biden told reporters that his message to white supremacy groups was to “cease and desist. That’s not who we are. This is not who we are as Americans.”

Violent incidents during some protests over George Floyd’s death caused Trump to call for a stronger police presence in cities where looting and rioting had occurred. After referring to George Floyd’s death as a “terrible thing” during remarks in May, Trump decried protests in the city of Minneapolis as “lawless anarchy and chaos.”

Before George Floyd’s funeral, Biden personally met with the family. Although he did not attend the service, Biden did provide a video message which was played during the proceedings. Trump declined to attend.

LaTonya Floyd criticized Trump’s response to her brother’s passing, questioning why the president did not condemn George Floyd’s death. “Not once has he joined those who are hurting,” LaTonya Floyd said. “Obama would have. George Bush would have. There isn’t a president alive who would not, except Trump.”

“If Trump is voted in for another four years,” LaTonya Floyd added, “we are all going to hell.”

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Police are called to a funeral wake in a pub garden

The ‘snitching’ begins! Police are called to a funeral wake in a pub garden after mourners were pictured ‘not socially distancing’

  • Officers visited the Old Crown in Wigston after resident claimed no distancing
  • Landlady Sue Humphries said she had been hosting a wake for around 30 people
  • She added that ‘all our customers were in groups of six and spaced apart’ 

Police were called to a funeral wake inside a pub garden after mourners were pictured appearing to break social distancing rules amid the Government’s ‘rule of six’.

Officers visited the Old Crown in Wigston, Leicestershire yesterday after a local resident called them to claim people were not following coronavirus guidelines. 

Police called the pub twice and spoke to the landlady Sue Humphries before turning up unannounced to check that the rules were being followed.  

A Leicestershire Police spokeswoman said: ‘Police received a call just after 1.30pm yesterday reporting concerns in relation to a number of people gathering at a premises in Moat Street, Wigston, and that Covid-19 guidelines were being breached.

‘Officers have engaged with staff and others at the concerned premises who co-operated with police to ensure guidelines were being followed.’

Officers visited the Old Crown in Wigston, Leicestershire yesterday after a local resident called them to claim people were not following coronavirus guidelines. Pictured: The wake

Officers visited the Old Crown in Wigston, Leicestershire yesterday after a local resident called them to claim people were not following coronavirus guidelines. Pictured: The wake

The resident who called the police took a video of people drinking outside at the back of the pub.

‘I was concerned at what I saw,’ she said. ‘There appeared to be a large group of people drinking outside the pub and they looked quite close to each other.

‘I felt I had to alert the police in case rules were being broken. I felt it was my public duty to report this and I would do the same again.’

Ms Humphries claimed she hosted a wake for 30 people on behalf of a local resident which started at 10.45am.

‘The police called me twice to check that my customers were following the coronavirus rules,’ she said.

‘I spoke to all of customers to remind them of the rules but we always ensure that the rules are being followed properly at all times. All our customers were in groups of six and spaced apart.

‘After the two calls the police just turned up at the pub. They asked us to move some people from the back of the pub to the front to help with social distancing so we did.

‘They left satisfied that no rules were being broken.

Police called the pub (pictured) twice and spoke to the landlady Sue Humphries then turned up unannounced to check that the rules were being followed

Police called the pub (pictured) twice and spoke to the landlady Sue Humphries then turned up unannounced to check that the rules were being followed

‘The last of the people from the wake left at about 5.30pm. We were a lot less busy after they left.’

Ms Humphries said she reopened the pub on August 1 after lockdown.

The incident came ahead of Oadby

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Police called in as YouTube stars Nelk Boys host huge party at ‘Jersey Shore’ house in Seaside

SEASIDE HEIGHTS – Borough police called in help from surrounding towns as a crowd numbering in the thousands descended on the area for an event organized by popular YouTube group the Nelk Boys, authorities said.

Seaside Heights: Revelers pack borough to see YouTube stars Nelk Boys



Seaside Heights Police Chief Thomas Boyd said police were performing “crowd control” and as of 8:30 p.m. the situation remained peaceful and under control. Boyd estimated the crowd had grown to a “couple thousand.”

a group of people standing next to a fence: Screenshot of an Instagram post on the Nelk Boys account showing police performing crowd control outside the Jersey Shore House in Seaside Heights.

© @nelkboys
Screenshot of an Instagram post on the Nelk Boys account showing police performing crowd control outside the Jersey Shore House in Seaside Heights.

Authorities warned of road closures in the area.

Videos posted on Snapchat showed large groups of rowdy young people gathered in the streets of the borough. Many of the videos also showed a large police presence.

The night appeared to have gotten more tense as it wore on. Police from several surrounding towns swarmed Seaside Heights in an attempt to maintain order.

One video posted on social media showed officers wearing what appeared to be riot shields confronting revelers.

There were incidents of people throwing bottles at police, but for the most part the crowd remained under control, authorities said.

The Nelk Boys, a Canadian YouTube channel known for posting prank and party videos, posted on social media that the event was timed with the launch of new merchandise, basketball and baseball jerseys, from the group.

The group posted a video on Twitter in which they claimed they were being kicked out of the famed “Jersey Shore” house, which at one time housed cast members of the MTV reality show that made Seaside Heights famous around the world as a nightlife hotspot. The video showed a large group of people waiting outside the home being held back by police.

Disclaimer: Videos contain vulgar language.

Earlier in the day, the group posted a video from outside the home showing them popping champagne bottles.

The group, which has 5.71 million subscribers on YouTube, was sanctioned by the streaming giant last week after they were accusing of throwing huge parties at Illinois State University, BuzzFeed reported. The parties were being investigated by the university as a possible violation of coronavirus rules.

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The Nelk Boys previously protested COVID-19 restrictions in Los Angeles as part of a YouTube “stunt,” according to the report.

A YouTube spokesperson told BuzzFeed the group’s channel would be temporarily demonetized and their behavior was “creating a widespread public health risk.”

More: Man drowns in Lavallette as rip currents batter Jersey Shore

More: Jersey Shore: Snooki, RHONJ stars hit Barnegat Bay, Real Housewives cast films in Brielle

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Coronavirus: Police Scotland called to 405 house parties over weekend

PoliceImage copyright

Police officers were called out to 405 house parties across the country over the weekend following reports of breaches of coronavirus rules.

Six people were arrested and one fixed penalty notice was issued, Police Scotland said.

Other people attending the parties were given “suitable advice” and then dispersed.

Two officers who went to a house in Muirhouse, Edinburgh, were allegedly assaulted.

The windows of two police cars were also smashed during the incident at 05:35 on Sunday.

  • New police powers to break up house parties
  • New rules limit gatherings to six people

Two men, both aged 47, have been arrested and charged and are due to appear at Edinburgh Sheriff later.

Public nuisance

Police Scotland also confirmed that officers responded to 1,552 reports of noise, public nuisance and disturbance between Friday and Sunday.

That was an increase of of 41% compared with the same weekend last year.

As of 9 September, there had been 294 arrests for Covid-related breaches and 3,388 fixed penalty notices issued.

Deputy Chief Constable Malcolm Graham said the force “will not tolerate blatant disregard for the legislation which is there to help stop the spread of the virus”.

“In some of the situations officers were assaulted, which is horrific,” he said. “Officers have been spat upon as well as physically assaulted in other ways.

“The law is really clear – you can’t have a party within your house and if you do we’re going to be called and we are going to take enforcement action to make sure you don’t repeat that.”

Image caption

Deputy Chief Constable Malcolm Graham said Police Scotland would not tolerate “blatant disregard” for the law

It was announced in August that Police Scotland would be given powers to break up and disperse house parties.

The move came amid concerns about links between large indoor gatherings and the spread of Covid-19 cases.

A new law came into force on Monday, limiting social gatherings in Scotland to a maximum of six people from two households.

Police Scotland said officers had been involved in 68,000 “interactions” with the public since lockdown rules were introduced.

Mr Graham added: “Our approach throughout the pandemic has been to engage with the public, explain the legislation and guidance, and encourage compliance, only using enforcement as a last resort.

“We will continue with that approach, but we will not hesitate to use enforcement action where it is necessary.

“We will not tolerate blatant disregard for the law, which is in place to help stop the spread of the virus, and we have been using our powers to disperse large groups of people at house parties.”

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Former White House Staffer Zach Fuentes’ Denial Trump Called Fallen Troops ‘Losers’ Earns President’s Praise

President Donald Trump considers himself at the forefront of respect for service members and expressed gratitude to former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Zach Fuentes for denying a report that the president called fallen military members “losers.”

Donald Trump wearing a suit and tie: President Donald Trump delivers remarks during a news conference at the North Portico at the White House on Monday in Washington, D.C. During the briefing, Trump thanked former White House deputy chief of staff Zach Fuentes for denying a story published in The Atlantic that said Trump called fallen service members "losers."

© Tasos Katopodis/Getty
President Donald Trump delivers remarks during a news conference at the North Portico at the White House on Monday in Washington, D.C. During the briefing, Trump thanked former White House deputy chief of staff Zach Fuentes for denying a story published in The Atlantic that said Trump called fallen service members “losers.”

Fuentes’ denial countered a story published in The Atlantic that Trump canceled a 2018 visit to Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in France because he didn’t consider honoring fallen war veterans as important. After having thanked Fuentes on Twitter, Trump told reporters during Monday’s briefing that he was “very happy” that the former White House staffer said the story wasn’t true.


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“Who would say a thing like that? Only an animal would say a thing like that,” Trump said. “There’s nobody that has more respect for not only our military but people who gave our lives in the military.”

Fuentes, who worked for former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, told Breitbart on Monday that he didn’t hear Trump say the cemetery, which is dedicated to Americans killed during World War I, was “filled with losers.” Declaring himself to be on the record, Fuentes told Breitbart he wasn’t one of the people who spoke to The Atlantic for the story and said Kelly wouldn’t have tolerated the comment.

World War I By The Numbers



“Honestly, do you think General Kelly would have stood by and let ANYONE call fallen Marines losers?” Fuentes said.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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Why It's Called A House HUNT?

We often refer to the process, of looking for a home, as house – hunting! Why is this search, and action, referred to, as a HUNT ? Since, for most people, the value of their residence, represents, their single – biggest, financial asset, and, home ownership is often, considered the American Dream, does it make sense, to proceed, in the finest, well – considered manner? If there was a way, to proceed, forward, in the best possible manner, and, simplify the process of finding the right home, for you, wouldn't it make sense, to become a better hunter, and do so? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, how to transform one's hunt, to the happiest experience, possible.

1. Happiness / happy; heating system; human issues; helpful: If a place does not provide one, with some degree of additional happiness, it's not for you! Examine areas, which might affect your happy, comfortable enjoyment, of the house, such as various aspects, regarding the heating system. Some people prefer specific forms, and some, are too dry, for certain people. The costs should be considered, in terms of the energy source, as well as maintenance and repair – related issues! Don't ignore your personal, human issues, and whether, a particular property, seems to be helpful, towards better enjoying your overall life!

2. Uses; usual / unusual; urges / urgent; useful: How do you, envision, using and enjoying, your home? Does it meet, and exceed, your needs, goals, and prioritizes, and have you considered, a variety of options, and uses? Consider, both your usual, as well as unusual, affected, and know, which is most urgent, and useful, to you!

3. Needs; niche; nuances; neighborhood: Consider, clearly, both the needs, of your specific house, as well as the neighborhood! What about your specific needs, etc, may be, addressed by, specific nuances, of this property? Does it fully address the niche, you seek?

4. Taxes; time (how long?); trends; types: How high are the real estate taxes, and, can you afford, these costs, when added to the other expenses of home ownership? How long you plan, to reside there, is a significant factor, in what to examine, and demand! Are there specific trends, you wish, your home, to possess? Which type of house, is best suited to you, and your family? If you have issues with steps, for example, focus on ranch – houses! Know what each style of house offers, and the advantages and disadvantages, of each type!

When a home buyer, focuses, clearly, from the onset, his HUNT becomes a simpler one! Be an aware, informed buyer, so you can make the wisest decision, for your specific needs!

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Why Fabuwood Cabinets Are Called the Finest Choice for Your Kitchen

The cupboards for the kitchen are considered as one of the most distinguished features in your kitchen. Installing a beautiful cabinet or semi-cabinet enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Cupboards are the first and major thing that an individual notices once they enter a kitchen. So, a cupboard can be quite difficult to choose for each and every individual.

A suitable cabinet will match the kitchen or your others room. It will provide a positive impression on your guests or neighbors. Cabinets have a huge and promising impact on your kitchen's appearance as well as the reasonable of the landowner. There is much stuff to only looking for in a kitchenette cupboard other than a particular of the closet. For instance, the toughness, as well as a style quotient of the closets also plays the main factor in their assortment.

A closet must be sturdy enough to proceed for an extended period of time. The closets must be fashionable. A modish cupboard is an extremely mandatory factor that provides for forming the needed impression amongst guests in the kitchen.

What are the benefits of Fabuwood Cabinets?

This is an imported cupboard. Various options are available which offers people along with reasonable along with striking kitchen closet that the people have only fantasized about. Persons who are opting for an excessive looking closet in their kitchenette and wish to beautify their ancient kitchenette, and then it has an awesome choice in the name of cupboards. It has a kitchenette plan for each and every kind of client.

In these categories of closets, people can select numerous types of designs to begin from numerous plans as well as collections to contemporary and archetypal, fashionable to customary style. Each and every individual can get the option to acquire a great quality wood for closets.

Knowing several instructions on buying the best closet for your kitchen

Selections of kitchenette dresser wood

If a person is buying custom made cupboards, stock cupboards, RTA dressers they all showcase an extensive choice of selections of wood. Solid wood cupboards such as Oak, Maple, Birch, Cherry and Hickory costs more than a surface or a complete cupboard.

Face edged kitchenette breakfronts

It is one of the greatest renowned types of kitchen closets that are utilized by persons across the world. The structure technique includes the building of a kitchenette dresser face from hardwood bits. Usually, a dresser face is completed by utilizing various vertical as well as horizontal hardwood portions.

They charge quite less than the usual ones. It is suggested that persons find dressers that use rock-hard plywood along with rock-hard timber for the container of the attachment. It is also quite useful for numerous kitchen usages.

Online breakfronts for kitchen

Purchasing online closets for your kitchen is one of the greatest workable stuff that an individual can do in the time of buying the sideboards for the kitchenette. Likewise, buying reputed Fabuwood Cabinets from the marketplace can be a very expensive entity.

If you want to …

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