Mark Meadows broke COVID-19 rules with 70-person wedding: report

  • White House chief of staff Mark Meadows reportedly hosted 70-plus people for his daughter’s wedding in Atlanta, breaking state COVID-19 rules.
  • Photos show guests maskless at a lavish indoor ballroom, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
  • Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio was also reportedly at the event. 
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White House chief of staff Mark Meadows reportedly hosted more than 70 guests for his daughter’s wedding in Atlanta in late May, despite COVID-19 restrictions in place at the time.

Photos obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution show people in close clusters, dressed in tuxedos and ball gowns, and without masks at a lavish indoor venue on May 31.

At the time, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp limited gatherings to 10 people to help curb the spread of coronavirus.

The party took place at the upscale Biltmore Ballrooms in the city, with “crystal chandeliers, marble floors and a frame of soaring Roman arches,” according to the AJC. Attendees enjoyed a live band with a three-course dinner.

There were 11 bridesmaids and eight groomsmen in attendance. Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio was also reportedly at the event. 

Meadows did not respond to the newspaper’s request for comment. The White House also did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

That same weekend, protests over the killing of George Floyd unfolded outside the White House. The day after the reported wedding, President Donald Trump participated in a widely criticized photo-op at St. John’s Episcopal Church when National Guard and Park Police troops cleared demonstrators from Lafayette Square with tear gas.

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Interior minister scrambles to dispel ‘slander’ he broke travel lockdown

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri said Tuesday that someone was spreading an unfounded rumor among journalists that he had broken a virus lockdown by traveling from his Jerusalem home to be in the northern city of Tiberias for the recent Yom Kippur holiday.

Deri’s denial came as a fellow cabinet member, Environment Protection Minister Gila Gamliel, faced a possible police investigation for allegedly having tried to conceal from Health Ministry officials that she was in Tiberias on Yom Kippur, even though her home is in Tel Aviv. Gamliel was diagnosed with COVID-19 after the holiday, and reportedly gave misleading information during an epidemiological probe to trace the source of her infection.

Though Deri did not name anyone in his rebuttal, the former mayor of Tiberias, Ron Kobi, posted earlier in the day on Facebook that “another senior minister” had been in the city on Yom Kippur.

Kobi and Deri have a personal beef, as the minister was instrumental in seeing the mayor dismissed from his position at the beginning of the year after he failed to pass a city budget.

Ron Kobi in Tiberias. (Yossi Aloni/Flash90)

“A message to members of the media: There is a detestable liar going to reporters since yesterday and slandering that I prayed on Yom Kippur in a Tiberias synagogue,” Deri tweeted. “The liar already said that to four reporters in an attempt to frame me. On Yom Kippur I prayed in an open space next to my home in Jerusalem.

“Don’t fall into the liar’s trap,” he said.

In a video message posted on the Knesset Channel’s Twitter feed, Deri said that his public relations adviser had called him in a panic after a reporter had asked about the minister’s whereabouts on Yom Kippur. In the video Deri likewise denied that he had been away from home.

Earlier, Kobi wrote on Facebook: “Another senior minister stayed in Tiberias on Yom Kippur!!! Believe me, they have no boundaries (literally: They have no God)!”

Kobi, who was dubbed the “Donald Trump of the north” by Israeli media over his combative style, swept into local office in the fall of 2018 on a campaign that focused on combating the growing ultra-Orthodox community and its influence in the city, highlighted in a series of frequently foulmouthed and menacing Facebook live videos.

However, he failed to form a coalition and with his party making up just six of the city council’s 15 spots, other members refused to get behind his budget proposals, even after he was given an extension until September 30, 2019.

After his ouster Deri appointed Interior Ministry deputy director Moni Ma’atok to chair a special committee that will run the city for the next three years until the next municipal elections. The council is made up of other civil servants from the ministry.

Police on Tuesday conveyed to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit the results of an initial probe of

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Waffle House investigating wild brawl that allegedly broke out over unpaid tickets and customer’s phone

Waffle House is currently investigating the circumstances behind a wild fight that broke out between employees and customers at an unidentified restaurant.

Footage of the brawl shows at least seven individuals involved in the melee, one of whom loses her top while repeatedly striking a worker in the head.

WARNING: Footage of the brawl contains profane language and nudity. Viewer discretion is advised.

“We’re currently investigating to gather all the facts and details … and to determine what actions need to be taken, if any,” said Njeri Boss, Waffle House’s director of public relations, in a statement to Fox News.


Video of the incident was first shared to Twitter on Saturday, where it has since amassed over 4.3 million views. In it, three customers — two female and one male — can be seen arguing with staff at the register, asking them to give the male back his phone, which was allegedly being held behind the counter.

The footage, which is contains profane language and partial nudity, shows at least seven individuals involved in the melee, one of whom loses her top while repeatedly striking a worker in the head.

The footage, which is contains profane language and partial nudity, shows at least seven individuals involved in the melee, one of whom loses her top while repeatedly striking a worker in the head.

“Can I please get my g—d— phone?” the male customer says.

One of the female customers can also be heard saying something about trying to pay, at which point a male employee appears to indicate there was a discrepancy with the group’s tickets.

The male customer then walks around the counter and into the kitchen area, where employees attempt to restrain him. The two women soon follow and join the violent fracas. One of them even rips a landline out of a female employee’s hand, presumably to prevent her from calling the authorities.


This same woman later loses both her wig and her shirt and is seen punching a female employee while her own breasts are exposed. She also appears to remark that the group has “coke” so they need to leave.

In the background, a male employee has the male customer in a chokehold, while someone from the dining area yells, “Put that boy to sleep!”

The clip ends in the middle of the fight.


On Monday morning, Boss confirmed to Fox News that Waffle House was only made aware of the incident following an online report (likely this one from The New York Post), and wasn’t even sure yet of the location of the incident.

Viewers, meanwhile, appeared to have more than enough material to begin making endless jokes.


“You can always count on Waffle House,” wrote the woman who posted the original clip.

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