Best Interior Design Books of 2020

Design has always been about the power of imagination. But this year, when being indoors made it much easier to take stock of what our spaces could be, design has taken on a certain level of much-needed hope. While the outside world might continue to be trying, with some effort, our homes (aka, our inner worlds) can be spaces full of comfort, calm, and inspiration. At least that’s the sentiment we felt as we gathered together our favorite interior design books of 2020.

These 12 titles feature well-known blogger and designer names alongside up-and-comers, and small footprint homes next to more expansive spaces. They detail useful tidbits on layering pieces in a living room and also describe the intricate histories behind those objects. And whether they rev up dreams of a renovation or simply remind you of the cabinet that could use your attention, they aim to inspire readers who want to make a home that fulfills them, now and in the years to come.

To get a glimpse into Hilton Carter’s world on Instagram is to see the unmistakable beauty in being surrounded by thriving plants. Carter, a plant and interior stylist, elevates greenery from supporting accessories to a space’s main event, and in so doing, demonstrates how others can make their homes come alive. His book Wild Interiors is both a testament to his wildly green thumb as well as an act of encouragement for those who want to follow suit.

2. Ikebana Unbound by Amanda Luu and Ivanka Matsuba

Among all the things we’ve learned this year, one simple reminder stands out: There’s peace in hobbies. Especially when they are creative—and a way to feel more connected to nature. That’s the premise behind Ikebana Unbound, which takes readers through the traditions of the ancient art of Japanese flower arranging. In choosing seasonal stems and learning how to compose modern interpretations yet timeless centerpieces, readers can pick up a passion that celebrates their imaginativeness as much as it values the important lessons of the past.

3. Making Living Lovely by Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe

Whitehead and Cluroe, the British couple behind 2LG Studio, have made a name for themselves by cultivating spaces that are unapologetically characterful. In their book Making Living Lovely, they share their tricks for blending color and pattern into designs that feel playful yet functional. Their confidence with, and flair for, prints and textures will definitely rub off on you!

At a time when tiny homes and only-if-it-sparks-joy materialism have captured our attention, The Little Book of Living Small by Laura Fenton celebrates the idea of lovingly curating smaller spaces—1,200-square-feet or less. Through touring 12 different properties, this book showcases tips and tricks for maximizing every inch of a place without sacrificing personal taste. But even if you live with a larger footprint, this book’s actionable advice can both help organize your home better and make you a more conscious, deliberate consumer. And who wouldn’t

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Interior Design Best Selling Books

Holly Becker writes Decorate: 1000 Professional Design Ideas for Every Room in Your House. In this book, top designers come together to share over 1000 tips on how you can change your room and do it to meet your budget. You can get inspiration from the beautiful colored examples in the book, photos of bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, parlors, as well as checklists, shortcuts, and cost cutting methods, so that you will be sure to find something in there that meets your eye as well as an explanation of how to make it possible in your own home.

Christine Lemieux writes Undecorate, a book that heralds a brand new kind of style that seeks to push aside the stuffy professional styles of today and bring their own personality into their home. The book profiles about twenty homes all over the nation and shows how it came to be the way it was by tying it in with the owner’s particular personality. Following the interests of car fanatics who turn their master bedroom into an air stream trailer to a couple that makes their house a log house, to someone who creates and English manor, to a variety of other kinds of strange creations that reveal the personality of the builder, this book will show you how to accomplish the same feat.

Domino: The Book of Decorating, written by Deborah Needleman is a book that offers step by step guides to decorating your rooms. No matter what styles you prefer, the book will have something in that vein as well as tips on how to mix and match styles, too. The Domino team contributes their own personal design efforts so you can see how they transformed their own rooms and in what kinds of styles they decided to work in. This is a great book if you are interested in redoing a room in your house.

My Passion for Design by Barbara Streisand is a beautifully illustrated persona tour of the great star’s homes and collections. From the Broadway stage, television and film stardom, her work as a director, and her work in the recording studio, Barbara has been an iconic figure with an extraordinary voice and immense talent. Now, in her first book, Barbara gives readers a glimpse into the taste that has inspired her beautiful home. This book focuses on the architecutre and construction of her home and contains many photographs of rooms she decorated herself. Other illustrations include the gardens she planted on her California coastal land. She gives us a look into the world of on of the most beloved stars.

Charlotte Moss Decorates: The Art of Creating Elegant and Inspired Rooms by Charlotte Moss gives a singular vision through a beautiful collection of her acclaimed rooms. Moss has led a celebrated career in the interior design world. Her book offers readers a glimpse into the methods behind her magic. For each room that is featured, Moss breaks the numerous stages of the design process, revealing storyboards and …

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