The Belgian Rose Garden That Inspires Two Fashion Designers

“I saw the garden before I saw anything else,” says Bernadette de Geyter, 55, of her Antwerp home, which, with its dusty yellow facade and tiled hip roof, is evocative of a rustic Provençal manor house. “We bought it from a Frenchwoman who knew the name of every plant in both Latin and French,” she adds of the grounds surrounding the two-story bastide, which was built in the late ’90s. Botanical lexicons aside, it’s easy to see how de Geyter — who worked as a buyer for Ralph Lauren before launching her mohair knitwear line, Made by Bernadette, eight years ago — fell for the five-bedroom property with ivy covering its exterior and an acacia tree growing by the downstairs windows alongside various boxwood hedges. Not long after purchasing the place — located some 30 minutes from Antwerp’s city center — 12 years ago, de Geyter planted two apple trees and a rose garden, which blooms in the spring and early summer with bursts of soft pink (Chapeau de Napoléon), hot pink (La Ville de Bruxelles) and white (Boule de Neige). Every year, she enjoys cutting the flowers and placing them in vintage vases throughout the house.

“A warm atmosphere is important to me,” says de Geyter, who has filled her home with all manner of antiques she’s found at Vossenmarkt, a high-end Brussels flea market. She describes Belgium as a place with a lot of gray light, and to counterbalance this, she has punctuated many of the rooms with table lamps that she turns on or off as the sun moves from east to west. The result? Walls and other surfaces are perpetually bathed in a soft, warm glow. De Geyter is particularly fond of the color pink and has found ways to use

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