Nature-Inspired Decor Ideas To Make Winter Pandemic Life More Bearable

The first fall chill in the air is a reminder that the garden and park life we’ve been enjoying is about to make way for the stay-home life. COVID numbers are rising again, and we know that indoors gatherings are part of the problem, so we’ll likely be doing some version of what we did back in spring, and spending a lot more time with members of our own household at home.

We haven’t forgotten that awful feeling we had in March and April, before the weather warmed up, of being trapped indoors. So many of us are now looking for ways to make our home feel cozy and nurturing for the winter months. One way to go from cabin fever to cabin chic is to bring the outdoors in. Try introducing some of these nature-inspired ideas into your family living space.

Plant life

Growing house plants makes life more beautiful. They’re soothing; they’re something to nurture (and even talk to, if you’re missing your friends and co-workers); and they create a healthy environment.

Just be careful what plants you choose, if you have pets that like to nibble on greenery: These plants are not safe for dogs and these plants are toxic to cats. Otherwise, here are some ideas for greening up your home:

Put orchids in steamy places

Bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms, where the humidity is high and the temperature warm, are excellent spots for orchids, whose natural habit is the rainforest.

Orchids do best with soft indirect light and should be watered once every two weeks in winter. Leave exposed roots in peace, they’re hard at work extracting moisture from the air.

They love soft light, warm air and humidity.
They love soft light, warm air and humidity.

Spruce up your place with indoor trees

If you have the space, a tiny forest of one’s own is the decor trend that could help make 2020 more bearable. Trees that do well indoors and that are easy to care for include the rubber tree, citrus tree, weeping fig, banana tree, and the yucca.

Investing in a planter on wheels makes it easier to move your little tree around. And, you can find a vessel that maximizes the nature theme, say in hardwood, stone or clay.

Go big, when you go home!
Go big, when you go home!

Not convinced you’ve got a green enough thumb to keep a living-room tree alive? This handmade grand faux olive tree from Restoration Hardware looks extremely convincing, if you want to fake it.

A natural-looking investment piece from Restoration Hardware
A natural-looking investment piece from Restoration Hardware

Buy plants that purify the air

We’ve never been more keen to keep our air clean than in the COVID era.

Click through the slideshow below to see which plants are known for their purifying powers:

Plants That Purify The Air

Natural scents

Does your pandemic living space smell like eau de wet dog and slushy boots? Time to bring in fresh aromas, inspired by nature!

Use essential oils with floral, herbal, citrus or forest scents

Essential oils

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