Experience Quintessential Autumn at Portland Japanese Garden

  • The Famous Tree: From National Geographic to local photography shows, there’s one Japanese Maple inside the garden that is said to be the most photographed tree in America.
  • Repeat Visits are Rewarded: Portland Japanese Garden’s hilly topography means each tree in the garden has its own “moment in the sun” and progresses towards autumn splendor on its own timeline. So literally and philosophically, you won’t get the same view twice throughout the month of October.
  • Take Your Time: The Garden’s meandering paths force you to stroll slowly and notice the exquisite colors, and textures in each of the eight different garden spaces. Says Garden Curator Sadafumi Uchiyama, “Autumn is like the last bit of excitement and you enjoy the last minutes of nature before things slow down.”
  • Embracing Impermanence: In Japan, seasons are revered for their impermanence, highlighting the fragile beauty of life. “Seeing fall colors in a Japanese garden gives you a sense of connection to something bigger than yourself,” says CEO Steve Bloom. “The fleeting nature of peak fall foliage only heightens its anticipation.”

And when is peak time to see the leaves? It depends on many factors like weather and the hilly microclimate. While the City of Portland is vibrant and full of colors, Portland Japanese Garden takes just a few weeks longer to reach peak color, which typically lands in the last two weeks of October.

Portland Japanese Garden is open Wednesday-Monday and closed Tuesdays. Adult admission is $18.95, $16.95 for seniors (65+), $15.25 for students with ID, $13.50 for youths aged 6-17. Children under five are free. Tickets can be purchased at tickets.japanesegarden.org

Media Contacts: 
Megumi Kato | 503-542-0288| [email protected]   
Lisa Christy | 503-328-0050 | [email protected]

SOURCE Portland Japanese Garden

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Autumn Decor at Elements of Design


Paula went out to visit the new location of Elements of Design in Bettendorf (by the roundabout) to show off much of the curated fall collection on display and available for purchase from the Interior Design Studio & Fine Furnishings business. It’s an uncommon home goods store for the Quad Cities and seems more like a “big city” retail space. Designer advice: to create the “fall feeling” in your home, EOD recommends turning to floral, pillows, and textured throws to make the biggest impact.

Locally owned and operated for twenty years, Elements of Design can offer you the personal touch from a company that truly knows the importance of customer service! The design experts will gladly help you chose all the details that make a house a home, including furniture, window treatments, pillows, floral arrangements, and accessories. The retailer also carries a lot of “spa” items.

Elements of Design / 5123 Middle Road Suite 220 / Bettendorf, IA / (563) 355-4676

Posted by Elements of Design on Saturday, September 26, 2020

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Posted by Elements of Design on Saturday, September 26, 2020

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All rights reserved."}],"created_date":"2020-10-02T13:22:34.289Z","revision":{"revision_id":"73TOQVLJN5DLPFIF223FHC4Y7Y","parent_id":"TWJUL3JQDNB35FCT3PJHW4PLOI","editions":["default"],"branch":"default","user_id":"[email protected]","published":true},"last_updated_date":"2020-10-02T13:53:10.901Z","canonical_url":"/2020/10/02/autumn-decor-at-elements-of-design/","headlines":{"basic":"Autumn Decor at Elements of Design","mobile":"","native":"","print":"","tablet":"","web":"","meta_title":""},"owner":{"sponsored":false,"id":"gray"},"copyright":"Copyright 2020 KWQC. All rights reserved.","address":{},"workflow":{"status_code":1},"subheadlines":{"basic":""},"description":{"basic":"Check out the new location of this high-quality home goods store where design experts can help you choose all the details that make a house a home. Find out which accessories provide maximum impact to create that "fall feeling"."},"language":"","label":{},"source":{"name":"gray","system":"composer","source_type":"staff"},"taxonomy":{"tags":[],"sites":[],"sections":[{"_id":"https://www.kwqc.com/news/paula-sands-live","_website":"kwqc","type":"section","version":"0.6.0","name":"Paula Sands Live","path":"https://www.kwqc.com/news/paula-sands-live","parent_id":"https://www.kwqc.com/news","parent":{"default":"https://www.kwqc.com/news"},"additional_properties":{"original":{"_id":"https://www.kwqc.com/news/paula-sands-live","_website":"kwqc","name":"Paula Sands Live","site":{"site_title":"Paula Sands Live"},"navigation":{"nav_title":"Paula Sands 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at Elements of Design","created_date":"2020-10-02T13:49:49Z","height":720,"last_updated_date":"2020-10-02T13:49:49Z","licensable":false,"owner":{"id":"gray"},"source":{"additional_properties":{"editor":"photo center"},"edit_url":"https://gray.arcpublishing.com/photo/O7YKRURVDFHOBIOOSJRORJQTTQ","system":"photo center"},"subtitle":"Pumpkins at Elements of Design","type":"image","url":"https://cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/gray/O7YKRURVDFHOBIOOSJRORJQTTQ.jpg","version":"0.10.3","width":1280,"imageId":null,"ingestImageToAnglerfish":true,"photographer":null,"usage_instructions":null,"resized_urls":{"original":"https://cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/gray/O7YKRURVDFHOBIOOSJRORJQTTQ.jpg","small":{"url":"https://gray-kwqc-prod.cdn.arcpublishing.com/resizer/p1objHcrZLPzuColn2ONhV9nBj0=/50x50/smart/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/gray/O7YKRURVDFHOBIOOSJRORJQTTQ.jpg","height":50,"width":50},"gallery_4x3":{"url":"https://gray-kwqc-prod.cdn.arcpublishing.com/resizer/N0U2d68_2kphS9hWM76bhRzwqVI=/1000x750/smart/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/gray/O7YKRURVDFHOBIOOSJRORJQTTQ.jpg","height":750,"width":1000},"large":{"url":"https://gray-kwqc-prod.cdn.arcpublishing.com/resizer/Ckl3Y2fZMN-KeEefsDXRtmUJM3A=/800x0/smart/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/gray/O7YKRURVDFHOBIOOSJRORJQTTQ.jpg","height":0,"width":800},"large_1x1":{"url":"https://gray-kwqc-prod.cdn.arcpublishing.com/resizer/rQqtBjpzmizpr6I3O5O65BY0mZI=/1200x1200/smart/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/gray/O7YKRURVDFHOBIOOSJRORJQTTQ.jpg","height":1200,"width":1200},"large_2x1":{"url":"https://gray-kwqc-prod.cdn.arcpublishing.com/resizer/WqPWwzLtjR-vys6DKE9Km4CWg3Q=/1200x600/smart/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/gray/O7YKRURVDFHOBIOOSJRORJQTTQ.jpg","height":600,"width":1200},"large_2x3":{"url":"https://gray-kwqc-prod.cdn.arcpublishing.com/resizer/VbikzqK28GDn_OnrLcNA3BZthO0=/1200x1800/smart/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/gray/O7YKRURVDFHOBIOOSJRORJQTTQ.jpg","height":1800,"width":1200},"large_3x1":{"url":"https://gray-kwqc-prod.cdn.arcpublishing.com/resizer/LPMaFlsLkCeTwRNblFSMPolSbCI=/1200x400/smart/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/gray/O7YKRURVDFHOBIOOSJRORJQTTQ.jpg","height":400,"width":1200},"large_3x2":{"url":"https://gray-kwqc-prod.cdn.arcpublishing.com/resizer/AFy_c2oBU-c_MdOkFRW2LX1JAqc=/1200x800/smart/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/gray/O7YKRURVDFHOBIOOSJRORJQTTQ.jpg","height":800,"width":1200},"large_4x3":{"url":"https://gray-kwqc-prod.cdn.arcpublishing.com/resizer/-tOmZ1GLuhU5hSLj3iPby0xIUZQ=/1200x900/smart/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/gray/O7YKRURVDFHOBIOOSJRORJQTTQ.jpg","height":900,"width":1200},"large_16x9":{"url":"https://gray-kwqc-prod.cdn.arcpublishing.com/resizer/eLqMGx5vTUNaGqWtl5oBcMqLM70=/1200x675/smart/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/gray/O7YKRURVDFHOBIOOSJRORJQTTQ.jpg","height":675,"width":1200},"primary":{"url":"https://gray-kwqc-prod.cdn.arcpublishing.com/resizer/bZoUFEERMBRcVzx7oy-HXGOhJV8=/980x0/smart/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/gray/O7YKRURVDFHOBIOOSJRORJQTTQ.jpg","height":0,"width":980},"summary_1x1":{"url":"https://gray-kwqc-prod.cdn.arcpublishing.com/resizer/iZZ5lRREm4GMMw0Auj73_bhOVIs=/800x800/smart/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/gray/O7YKRURVDFHOBIOOSJRORJQTTQ.jpg","height":800,"width":800},"summary_2x1":{"url":"https://gray-kwqc-prod.cdn.arcpublishing.com/resizer/a1fG6EjmLNOVr772M5ajfZ8xpmE=/800x400/smart/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/gray/O7YKRURVDFHOBIOOSJRORJQTTQ.jpg","height":400,"width":800},"summary_2x3":{"url":"https://gray-kwqc-prod.cdn.arcpublishing.com/resizer/XGJvI2AgZungUSq_5P41aM3KxLg=/800x1200/smart/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/gray/O7YKRURVDFHOBIOOSJRORJQTTQ.jpg","height":1200,"width":800},"summary_3x1":{"url":"https://gray-kwqc-prod.cdn.arcpublishing.com/resizer/8M93hs-Q0oTOVTiboWgRIFfBlMA=/800x267/smart/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/gray/O7YKRURVDFHOBIOOSJRORJQTTQ.jpg","height":267,"width":800},"summary_3x2":{"url":"https://gray-kwqc-prod.cdn.arcpublishing.com/resizer/FT6XAvX4AWwETRN9eTWO3DlZ9Qo=/800x533/smart/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/gray/O7YKRURVDFHOBIOOSJRORJQTTQ.jpg","height":533,"width":800},"summary_4x1":{"url":"https://gray-kwqc-prod.cdn.arcpublishing.com/resizer/wZXodBssJj68t5odzXiXkkWD8jQ=/800x200/smart/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/gray/O7YKRURVDFHOBIOOSJRORJQTTQ.jpg","height":200,"width":800},"summary_4x3":{"url":"https://gray-kwqc-prod.cdn.arcpublishing.com/resizer/gSmqivTDOpt8qsl9mCALXOdOOtw=/800x600/smart/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/gray/O7YKRURVDFHOBIOOSJRORJQTTQ.jpg","height":600,"width":800},"summary_16x9":{"url":"https://gray-kwqc-prod.cdn.arcpublishing.com/resizer/hgbFAxKqdg6lr4U5sWzwXu3RpOU=/800x450/smart/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/gray/O7YKRURVDFHOBIOOSJRORJQTTQ.jpg","height":450,"width":800},"summary_default":{"url":"https://gray-kwqc-prod.cdn.arcpublishing.com/resizer/bZoUFEERMBRcVzx7oy-HXGOhJV8=/980x0/smart/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/gray/O7YKRURVDFHOBIOOSJRORJQTTQ.jpg","height":0,"width":980}}},"lead_art":{"type":"video","_id":"ebf2a16c-fd80-49e3-9507-e8d0ff61659f","version":"0.8.0","canonical_url":"/vide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Decor at Elements of Design","meta_title":"Autumn Decor at Elements of Design"},"subheadlines":{"basic":"PSL segment: Autumn Decor at Elements of Design original air date Oct. 1, 2020"},"description":{"basic":"Autumn Decor at Elements of Design"},"credits":{},"taxonomy":{"tags":[{"text":"Live Events"}],"primary_site":{"type":"site","_id":"https://www.kwqc.com/news/paula-sands-live","version":"0.5.8","name":"Paula Sands Live","path":"https://www.kwqc.com/news/paula-sands-live","primary":true},"sites":[{"type":"site","_id":"https://www.kwqc.com/news/paula-sands-live","version":"0.5.8","name":"Paula Sands Live","path":"https://www.kwqc.com/news/paula-sands-live","primary":true}],"primary_section":{"type":"section","_id":"https://www.kwqc.com/news/paula-sands-live","_website":"kwqc","version":"0.6.0","name":"Paula Sands Live","path":"https://www.kwqc.com/news/paula-sands-live","primary":true},"sections":[{"type":"section","_id":"https://www.kwqc.com/news/paula-sands-live","_website":"kwqc","version":"0.6.0","name":"Paula Sands Live","path":"https://www.kwqc.com/news/paula-sands-live","primary":true}],"seo_keywords":["breaking news video","video updates","live video","live updates","breaking news","press conference","live speeches","real time coverage"]},"promo_items":{"basic":{"type":"image","version":"0.5.8","credits":{},"caption":"Pumpkins at Elements of Design","url":"https://do0bihdskp9dy.cloudfront.net/10-02-2020/t_f717a9a1eaba434698bd425fa81fd793_name_file_1280x720_2000_v3_1_.jpg","width":1280,"height":720}},"related_content":{"redirect":[],"basic":[]},"owner":{"sponsored":false},"planning":{"scheduling":{}},"revision":{"published":true},"syndication":{"search":true},"source":{"system":"video 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","websites":{"kwqc":{"website_section":{"path":"https://www.kwqc.com/news/paula-sands-live","_website":"kwqc","name":"Paula …

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manual garden tools to trim, snip, lop, saw, hoe, dig and rake through autumn and winter

There are some manual garden tools you just can’t live without, like this varied tranche of horticultural essentials.

best garden tools 2020: Burgon & Ball leaf rake

© Provided by T3
best garden tools 2020: Burgon & Ball leaf rake

During the course of spring and summer we’ll be adding new products to this ever-expanding list of our favourite garden management tools, from secateurs, loppers, snippers and branch saws to spades, trowels, rakes, edgers, weeders and a variety of excellent hand tools.

To make this extraordinarily comprehensive guide easier to digest, we’ve sorted all the products on the page into four main categories: Pruning Tools, Digging Tools, Ground Care Tools and Hand Tools.

Although admittedly quite boring, these are all essential garden accoutrements that you need to know about because – oh yeah, baby – that’s how we get down

No matter how thorny the garden task, and no matter how weedy you are, these are the garden tools to get the job done.

Help, the product I want is out of stock

As you may discover, some of our favourite gardening products not surprisingly keep selling out. Hence, if you find a product we’ve reviewed that isn’t available via the provided retail link, then try these retailers who usually stock some very good alternatives.


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In the UK:



Waitrose Garden

Thompson Morgan


Van Meuwen



Harrod Horticultural

Tooled UP

 In the US:



Home Depot



Before we start, we should address at least one particular piece of garden jargon that applies to both loppers and secateurs: bypass and anvil. 

Bypass secateurs and loppers have blades that are designed to pass each other smoothly as they cut, like scissors. They are perfect for green wood and delicate stems, as they give precise, clean cuts and avoid damaging or bruising the branch. 

Anvil loppers and secateurs, on the other hand, have one sharpened blade that cuts down on a flat hard plastic or rubber block, rather like a small chopping board. Anvil-equipped pruners are great for dead wood and dry, hard, old growth that needs cutting back. Mind, most amateur gardeners will happily make do with either mechanism since they both essentially perform much the same task. 

Now you know your bypass from your anvil, read on for the lowdown on the best quality manual snippers and cutters currently on the market.

Although they’re heavier, a little larger and more expensive than the majority of secateurs, this premium model screams quality all the way from the high-grade aluminium body and ultra-sharp TruEdge bypass blades to the tactile, ergonomically designed cork-covered handle.

The Quantum’s weighty feel and larger size makes them more suitable for gardeners with bigger hands but you’ll never rue the day you stumped up the readies to buy a pair. The cork handles provide maximum grip – especially when your hands are a bit sweaty – and they work really well with gloves, too. The blade slices through green stalks and stems

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Autumn home decor trends: comforting hues, flexible design

In recent years, brown anything in a living space was considered by some arbiters of decor as drab and outdated. But this fall the hue is back in favor, in part because of the unsettled, anxious state of the world.

“Brown traditionally makes people feel comfortable and safe, and those are feelings that many of us are looking to our homes to provide,” says interior designer Dawn Hamilton of Oakland Park, Florida.

It’s just one of the trends in decor this season, when the pandemic has made home an even more essential space for living, working, studying and more. Also on the watch list: flexible rooms, indoor and out.


Cozy Palette

Hamilton says today’s brown palette is being used in new ways, as a neutral in all kinds of materials, and as an accent color.

“Brown feels very earthy and rich. It’s warm and inviting, and has the same grounding properties as black, although it’s not quite as harsh,” she says.

New York designer Becky Shea also cites brown’s organic versatility: “It’s a tone that works cohesively with neutrals as well as dark, bold tones like navy, graphite and black.”

Eilyn Jimenez of Sire Design in Miami is adding a mocha brown vanity to the guest bathroom of a “minimalist, French chateau-style” home she’s designing. “It adds a layer of depth with a vintage feel,” she says.

Don’t overdo brown, she warns, but blend it with modern materials like marble for beautiful juxtapositions.

“Bringing it in with light woods, leathers and other natural materials can help make a space feel timeless,” Jimenez says.

Melissa Morgan of M Interiors in San Antonio, Texas, thinks brown’s rebirth is “a reaction to years of very light, tonal interiors. Clients are looking for warmth and sanctuary in their homes more than ever.”

Lighter, yellowish browns, like caramel, often works well in leather.

“In upholstery, we consider saddle leather to be a form of brown that’s like a trusty pair of blue jeans — it goes with everything,” says Chicago designer Brynn Olson.

Soft browns and caramels are also appearing in pillows, lamps and drapes. Caning is on trend too, says Amy Leferink of Interior Impressions in Woodbury, Minnesota.

As for furniture, Olson likes the effect of brown stains on walnut and white oak, and says a beautifully stained built-in is timeless. “Natural walnut will always feel fresh, and we love to pair it with bright white decor such as plaster vases, for a sophisticated pairing of textures,” she says. That brown-and-white combo has been a favorite of decorating icons including Billy Baldwin, says New York City designer Glenn Gissler. Baldwin’s apartment in Manhattan featured a mix of glossy brown walls, white and chartreuse furniture, and brass accents. Inspired, Gissler recently painted a New York loft in a deep, rich brown, with columns and ceilings in crisp white. A long, tuxedo-style sofa in milk-chocolatey velvet anchors the space, along with tonal modern art.

Colors like purples and blues, of any intensity, also complement brown.



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Create a fall pocket garden bursting with fiery autumn colors

Japanese maples differ in size, but all end the season in a blaze of color.

Japanese maples differ in size, but all end the season in a blaze of color.

New York Botanical Gardens

Japanese maples, burning bush and other autumn wonders should be putting on a show this week and garden centers and nurseries are filled with bargains.

If you want your own view of autumn splendor, consider adding a fall pocket garden to the landscape. As your new plants mature and the fiery autumn colors return year after year from your fiery new fall garden, you’ll remember 2020 with at least a few warm thoughts.

Many fall events may be canceled due to coronavirus, but you’ll have a beautiful homecoming just outside your window and score better yardage if you tackle this design challenge and celebrate that nobody can cancel the beauty of the fall season.

Start with a focal point: Japanese maples for the win

For a small garden or if you have limited space, start your autumn theme garden with one of the Japanese maples or Acer palmatums. The Dissectum types of Japanese maples have finely divided or dissected leaves and this makes them slow growers with a delicate appearance. It also means you won’t need to rake up the leaves once they fall as they quickly decay and improve the soil without smothering the plants below.

Look for varieties with spectacular fall color such as ‘Orgeola’ with fiery orange red foliage on a 6-foot tree or one of the similar varieties offered in Western Washington nurseries this month. Fall is a good time to buy and transplant Japanese maples.

For something different, grow a Sourwood tree

If you want to grow beyond Japanese maples for a small tree with autumn color, search out the sweet color and form of a Sourwood tree or Oxydendrum arboretum. This tree has four seasons of interest with fragrant bell-shaped flowers, seed capsules that hang on the tree all winter, and fall color that may have the neighbors calling the fire department — this tree is that hot.

The only garden gossip on this autumn beauty is that it has shallow roots so it does not like to grow in a lawn or have shrubs planted beneath its graceful branches.

Add more foliage and berries with lower shrubs

I like the brilliant purple berries of Beauty Berry or Calicarpa. The graceful, arching branches show off metallic purple berries in the fall and the colors work well with Japanese maples. You can add the flaming orange or yellow foliage of barberries, scarlet leaves of the Euonymus alatus ‘Burning Bush’ or any of the Nandina ‘Heavenly Bamboo’ that come in various sizes and leaf colors.

Look for fall foliage shrubs turning color in your neighborhood. This will give you more ideas for creating your autumn dream team.

The goal here is to huddle up these complementary team players (the shrubs) around the star of your fall garden (the focal point tree) by arranging them behind or in front of your focal point.

Make a power play with

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Autumn weather and pumpkin torte

Lovina Eicher
Published 1:17 p.m. ET Sept. 18, 2020


We are having very cool mornings with temperatures around the upper 40s to lower 50s, and then warming up gradually. Next week autumn begins, so we can expect cooler weather.

Our hay has been cut for the last time this season. Hopefully, we will get it in the barn before there’s any rain.

Yesterday, daughter Lovina, 16, and I went to town with the buggy and son Benjamin’s horse, Beauty. The trip there and back was enjoyable. I enjoy spending time with all my children, but it’s nice to have time to focus on one and have heart-to-heart talks. Lovina has a big sense of humor and there is never a dull moment with her. She worked on her plastic canvas letters on the way.

Daughters Verena, 22, and Loretta, 20, stayed home. They kept grandchildren Jennifer, 2, and Ryan, 1, while Mose and Susan went to a doctor appointment and to get their church groceries. They will host church services again because they skipped their turn last year. Ryan decided he can start walking now. He is 13 1/2 months, and we have been waiting for this. He used to take a step or two, then freeze up and flop to his knees and crawl. He also likes to crawl on anything he can get on. The girls kept busy keeping an eye on two active little ones.

Son Kevin, 15, went fishing with three of his friends. They always enjoy getting together since they don’t see each other in school anymore.

Son Benjamin went salmon fishing over the weekend and was happy to catch his first salmon.

On Saturday, some of Loretta’s special friend Dustin’s family and some of our family assisted him at his house. The men and boys worked on building a patio and ramp onto the house. The women and girls cleaned the walls, ceilings, closets, floors and windows in the three upstairs bedrooms. Neighbor Irene, who owned the house before Dustin, always kept it tidy, so it didn’t take too much effort to clean.

Friday night, our family gathered at daughter Elizabeth and Timothy’s house for supper in honor of granddaughter Abigail’s fourth birthday, which was Sept. 10. Abigail helped Elizabeth make the cupcakes. She was a very excited little girl to have all the attention.

On Sunday, Abigail and T.J. stayed here at our house while Tim and Elizabeth attended church in a neighboring church district, where baptismal services were held for five young souls. Two of these were Tim’s nieces, so they went in their honor. They took baby Allison along since she still breastfeeds. Allison is 8 1/2 months old and very petite, but she gets everywhere. She walks by holding on to furniture and crawls everywhere. Abigail thinks she should start walking soon because T.J. walked by 9 months old.

Today, my plans are to go assist daughter Susan with her work. Church will be held under the big tent

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My month in the garden: what to do with autumn squash, setting up a garden party and autumn tips

This keeps the flames active and the flames showing and burning well without smothering the fire with fresh wood. Always light it around half an hour before your first arrivals. Kadai does a blow poker, which helps fan the flames and stop the smoke. If you have an exposed garden, maybe opt for a chiminea instead. I got Philip, a local metal worker who runs Manor Welding to make me one, as good-looking examples are in short supply.

For cover, a simple shelter can be made using posts on the corners, which could be stone, metal or timber with basic timer/ metal beams for the frame for the roof. We then sometimes put a sandwich of heather panels top and bottom with corrugated plastic in the middle, all laid to a slight fall.

This rather “Heath Robinson” approach looks quite acceptable and is not expensive. One such structure has survived well for more than 20 years with only the top heather layer being replaced. At home, we have a white waterproof fabric awning (by TedGem), but when the wind gets going it can generate quite a force, so the structure needs to be able to withstand this.

There is tremendous scope for decorating your garden. For this time of year, we often use chili plants hung with fruit, and big vases of brash magenta dahlias, scarlet amaranthus and lime gladioli. I wrap the plastic plant pots with hessian, or go to the other extreme and apply transfer gold leaf to form some amazing centrepieces.

This is pretty simple to use and, as gold leaf is real gold, it stays stunningly shiny forever. Available from Cornelissen.

Outdoor lighting by lanterns is my favourite. Kadai’s Arabian lanterns are 50cm high and fabulous. Fairy lights or rope lights hung on a string are inexpensive and great to play around with: over pergolas, on buildings and archways they can be used to highlight and add atmosphere.

All that remains is food. Many of the NGS gardens are famous for their fabulous cakes and teas – I am afraid I ran out of time, having spent too long in the garden and not long enough in the kitchen. But a friend who works for Fiona Cairns came to the rescue and turned up with the best spread of beautiful and delicious cakes I have ever seen. Our table has never heaved so much before. You can see the spread on my YouTube video Garden Party Time.

Mundane maintenance 

Many gardeners have found this year’s growth overwhelming, no doubt caused by the exceptionally early growing season and the intermittent deluges. Mowing and hedge-cutting are often the big issues. Robotic mowers, meadows, sheep and flails for hedges have helped me massively this year!

Watch Bunny’s latest YouTube videos:

How to Party in the Garden All Year Round

How I kill Perennial Weeds – Forever

Time-Saving Gardening Hacks

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10 Farmhouse Fall Decor Ideas That Are Simply Perfect for Autumn

Farmhouse decor suits any season—vintage tables for farm-to-dinner summer meals, Christmas trees outfitted in plaid ribbon, springtime daffodils placed in an antique vase. But fall is especially suited for the rustic accents, flea market finds, and snuggly textures associated with the style.

A trip to the antique store might be in order in order to fully achieve the look of farmhouse fall decor. You’ll need chippy, rusted pieces that you can DIY into wall art and tabletop centerpieces. Galvanized metal buckets make for interesting outdoor planters, while a few plaid blankets easily update your bedroom and living room.

Even if you don’t live in a farmhouse, you can still accomplish a collected look with farmhouse fall decor that will keep you cozy all the way into the holiday season. Just be sure to light some candles and bake something that smells delicious for the full effect.

Showcase Galvanized Planters

Galvanized metal goes hand in hand with vintage decor, whether you’re going for a farmhouse look or an industrial aesthetic. And they look especially good when used to decorate for fall outdoors. Use galvanized metal buckets ($15, Michaels) as planters and fill them with seasonal plantings, like mums or pansies.

Incorporate Warm Hues

Farmhouse interiors are typically awash in shades of white. For juxtaposition, weave in furniture in warm wood finishes for a cozy fall vibe that works all year long. Think warm cherry and oak pieces, like this dining table and chairs. Top it with fall greenery and a leafy wreath.

Hang a Fall Wreath

Whether you track them down at a store or make them yourself, dried fall flowers seamlessly come together for a stunning autumn wreath. Emphasize the shades of the season, like orange, brown, white, and light green, and drop in some feathers as a further nod to the outdoors. Hang it on your door or someplace unexpected, like a shelf brimming with blankets and pillows.

Craft DIY Fall Decor

A simple fall banner looks perfectly farmhouse when paired with an antique blackboard. Make your own by stringing storebought or hand-cut letters along twine. Set above a credenza or buffet, it punctuates a fall culinary spread outfitted with cheese and seasonal fruits. And don’t forget a few branches of fall leaves artfully presented in a vase.

Decorate Your Porch or Patio

When the air is cool and crisp, it’s the perfect time to dine outside. Provide country charm to your al fresco tablescape by adding plenty of fall touches. These can include branches with vibrant fall leaves, white pumpkins, a plaid blanket ($20, Walmart) that doubles as a tablecloth, and casual white plates. Planters overflowing with mums and an antique table are must-haves, too.

Display Seasonal Florals

Fresh-from-the-farm touches are pretty much required in a room with farmhouse fall decor. These gourds-turned-planters certainly fit the bill and spotlight beautiful blooms atop a metal cake stand. Instantly bring fall style to your kitchen counter with a display of mums, zinnias, or dahlias.

Add Farmhouse Flair to Your

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