Bristol arson attack on cars, caravan, vans and house

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The fires broke out in Lake Road, Westbury-on-Trym

A house, caravan, two vans and three cars “were deliberately set on fire” on a road in Bristol, police have said.

The blazes broke out in Lake Road, Westbury-on-Trym, at around 03:00 BST on Saturday.

Avon Fire and Rescue Service said the fires were brought under control quickly and a fire investigation officer is working to find the cause.

Jim Hackford, whose car was damaged, said it had been “scary” waking to the sound of “tyres popping” and “bangs”.

Avon and Somerset Police is appealing for anyone with information, CCTV or dashcam footage to come forward.

“Several cars and an unoccupied caravan were set alight, with the flames spreading to cause extensive damage to the front of a nearby house,” a spokesman for the force said.

“Thankfully no-one was hurt, but given the time of night this act endangered the lives of the householders.”

Mr Hackford said he was woken at about 03:00 BST to “loud bangs” and a “strange bright orange glow”.

“I got out of bed and saw my neighbour’s caravan was engulfed in flames and the tyres were popping,” he said.

“A bunch of cars and vehicles were also on fire, up and down the road, and a couple of houses.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. I freaked out, it was scary, I kept thinking what else is going to happen.”

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Jim Hackford was woken at about 03:00 GMT to “loud bangs” and a “strange bright orange glow”

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Jim Hackford

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Resident Patricia Simpson said it was “shocking”

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Avon and Somerset Police is appealing for anyone with information, CCTV or dashcam footage to come forward

Patricia Simpson, who lives nearby, said: “I heard a few bangs and thought it sounded like gunshots but it was the car making the noise because it was on fire.

“The flames were huge. It’s a shocking thing to see. You see it in the movies but you don’t see it in real life.”

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If You're Attacked in a Small Bathroom – Self Defense for Bathroom Attack

I recently read a very disturbing article about a young woman who was sexually assaulted in an airplane bathroom. She was attacked on a red eye flight, by a drunk man who sat in the seat next to her on the plane. It's hard to imagine how an attack can occur in such a tight place, as an airplane bathroom, with loads of passengers just nearby. But it did. We have to remember that sexual assaults are attacks of opportunity. He followed her to the bathroom, controlled and intimidated her and assaulted her.

As I began to research bathroom attacks, I realized that it was much more common than I could have imagined. Girls and boys in school bathrooms, women in mall restrooms, park restrooms, and hotel bathrooms.

It's quite a shock when an enraged person kicks in a door, or pushes in behind you into a bathroom stall, a public bathroom, or rest area, to attack you. Let me be brutally clear with you. When someone attacks you in a bathroom, he or she is doing it there, because of the remote location, which a bathroom provides.

An attacker's goal is to hurt, beat you and control you. With control, and having inflicted bodily harm, he can continue to sexually assault you, and perhaps kill you.

The bathroom attacks that I read about, happened almost the same way in each case. The first situation, happened at least three or four times and in different areas. They were incidents that involved, several lone females who entered public bathrooms, and were violently confronted by a male attacker, hiding in the stall.

My first lesson is one of awareness. A person who is texting or on the phone, is going to be an easy target. Don't be glued to your phone. Be aware of anyone who is lurking nearby, and may follow you into the bathroom. Be aware of door and locks that seem to have been been tampered with or damaged. It probably was done deliberately. Trust your instinct, if something feels off, find another bathroom. Be alert when you are alone in a bathroom. When a male comes out of a stall, he may just play dumb, and pretend that he thought he was in the men's room.

If you are female, first action, don't listen to his excuses, run towards the exit, while screaming that a man followed you into the bathroom. If he's been hiding in there for a while, he probably knows, exactly how much time he has, before another person enters.

Second situation. You are in a stall and someone kicks in the door. The first reaction will be of pure shock until your adrenaline kicks in. The attacker will use these first shocked moment to beat you or hit you in the face, and head. Head punches and blows can disorientate a victim. He or she could punch, hit you in the face with an object, or kick you in the face, several times. Even …

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