Making Aquarium Decor Out Of Discarded Things

Designing and creating a theme for your aquarium is a really fun activity. Done right, it will produce a piece of home decoration that you can be proud of and one that you will enjoy for a very ling time. What's better after a long hard day at work than to sit back in your living room and watch the fish swim serenely around replicas of castles and sunken ships. It beats the television by a mile.

But buying decorations for the aquarium can get costly, especially if you want to have very intricately designed ornaments. If you are on a tight budget, you may have to settle with the generic stuff that you would probably find in lots of other aquariums. You would still have decor, but the aquarium may not look like the unique, one of a kind theme that you hoped no one else has.

All is not lost. If you still want to have an aquarium theme that stands out apart from the rest, one which no one you know would have, there are loads of stuff around your house that you can use. Yes, you can build an awesome design just using trinkets and baubles that you have around your home that you no longer want.

Design Considerations And Cautions

The key to any successful design is functionality. The theme that you create should not just be eye catching but should also benefit the fish. The biggest benefit that tank ornaments can give to aquarium fish is to provide them with a cave. Caves in a tank are any enclosed place that allows the fish to enter when they need to. Fish live in a stressful environment, believe it or not. Out in the wild, they have ample room to swim around in but in an aquarium, their swim space is extremely limited. Not only that, they are subject to human attention most of the day. When too stressed, fish have lower immunity to diseases and will eventually die. Caves allow the fish to escape when they feel stressed and will help prolong their lives. This is just one of the many benefits that caves provide.

The next consideration is the material that the object is made of. You definitely want to stay away from metal. There should not be even a tiny piece of it anywhere on or in the object. If there is, remove it. Another material to stay away from is wood. I'm not talking about driftwood here, just objects design for home decor made out of wood. These are generally not designed to be soaked in water for extended periods of time and many of them have been varnished or coated over with paint.

Types Of Things That Make Great Aquarium Decor

With a little creativity, anything around the home that you no longer want can be turned into a really cool theme. Here are some samples of items that you could try.

Unused chinaware. That chipped cup or cracked teapot …

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