Election 2020 live updates: Biden makes appeal to Black voters in N.C. as Trump stages White House events

Speaking in Charlotte, on Wednesday, Biden focused on the economic vulnerability of African Americans, outlining his previous proposals for racial equity while pledging to elevate the Civil Rights Division if he is elected.

At what was billed as a “Black Economic Summit,” he addressed the growing racial unrest around the country and the potential to spur change in public policy.

“Average people have gone, ‘My lord, holy mackerel. I didn’t know it was this bad,’” Biden said.

During his remarks, a grand jury in Jefferson County, Ky., indicted a former police officer on three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment in the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor during a drug raid in March. Biden did not mention the case directly.

Biden talked about infusing more money into historically Black colleges and universities, and touted a plan that would allow anyone from a family making less than $125,000 to go to a public college for free.

At one point, he stopped and said he kept a list of his major funding proposals and how he’d pay for them, pulling a notecard out of his pocket. He argued for tax code changes that would raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy — but he also tried to make clear he wasn’t going as far, politically or rhetorically, as his former Democratic primary rival Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

“You think I’m making it like, you know … Bernie Sanders, ‘Billionaires are bad.’ That’s not the problem,” Biden said, casting his proposal as a more modest increase in the tax rate for the wealthiest Americans to 39.4 percent. “I’m not trying to punish anybody. It’s time everybody pay their fair share.”

At the end, Biden said he would allow one more question, saying with a laugh, “I could really do yes or no if you ask me an easy question.” The question was about how the Department of Justice would operate differently under him.

“This has been the most corrupt administration to modern American history,” Biden said. “The Justice Department’s turned into the president’s private law firm.”

On cases and prosecutions, Biden said, “the Justice Department will be totally independent of me.” But he said that the Civil Rights division would be elevated and would have “a direct office within the White House.”

“I’d make sure there’s a combination of the Civil Rights Division having more direct authority inside the Justice Department and be able to investigate, than in fact it has now,” Biden said.

“But I get asked the following question, ‘If in fact you get elected, would you prosecute Trump?’” Biden added. “The answer is I’m not going to pursue prosecuting anybody. I’m going to do what the Justice Department says should be done.”

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Court denies Gloucester School Board’s effort to appeal ruling declaring bathroom ban unconsitutional in Grimm case

GLOUCESTER, Va. (WAVY) — An effort by the Gloucester County School Board to appeal a ruling declaring its bathroom policy for transgender students unconstitutional has been denied.

Earlier this month, the school board filed a petition asking the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals to rehear its case against former student Gavin Grimm.

That request was denied, according to a tweet from the ACLU of Virginia.

“Discrimination against trans students is discrimination on the basis of sex and it’s illegal. Full stop,” the ACLU tweeted.

The school board announced Sept. 9 it had requested an en banc review in the Richmond-based United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. The request would have meant the full circuit court of appeals — all the judges — would have heard the case and could potentially overturned the previous ruling by a three-judge panel.

The three-judge panel had ruled that the school division’s requirements that Grimm use restrooms for his biological sex, female, or private bathrooms violated his rights. Grimm began transitioning from female to male while at Gloucester High School. In 2016, as a senior in high school, he legally changed his sex to male via state court order and on his birth certificate.

The panel’s decision upheld a previous one from a federal judge in Norfolk. That judge ruled in 2019 that Grimm’s rights were violated under the Constitution’s equal protection clause as well as under Title IX, a federal civil rights law that protects people from discrimination based on sex in education programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance.

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Katharine House Hospice starts emergency survival appeal

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The hospice

image copyrightKatharine House Hospice

image captionSome redundancies “are inevitable,” chief executive Dr Richard Soulsby said

A hospice is launching an emergency appeal to save its care services after a “major impact” on its fundraising due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Katharine House Hospice helps 1,300 adults and their families across mid-Staffordshire who are coping with progressive illness.

Four charity shops will close and about 200 staff will also take part in a consultation process to reduce costs.

The hospice is facing “difficult decisions”, its chief executive said.

Dr Richard Soulsby said the hospice, near Stafford County Hospital, has received additional funding through the NHS, local authorities and the government’s furlough scheme, but that will cease from next month.

“Donation plea”

“It was expected that the reopening of the shops would enable the hospice to be financially sustainable by using our reserves to weather the loss of income due to COVID-19,” he said.

“It is now evident that these reserves will not be sufficient in light of the higher than expected losses in the hospice’s fundraising and retail revenues.

“The hospice is now faced with difficult decisions regarding its future.”

Four stores that are unlikely to return to profit in the foreseeable future are to close and further reductions in payroll costs, which are expected to include job losses in all areas, are expected in coming weeks.

The charity said it will start its appeal next week and is asking people to make donations as the community has helped generate more than 75% of the funds to provide its services.

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What Your CURB Appeal, Says About Your House?

There is much discussion about what, we, in real estate, refer to, as curb appeal, but, very little, detail, or reasons, as to why, this is such an essential consideration, in terms of, precisely, how important, and why, this is so! We need to carefully examine, and review, what potential, qualified buyers, see, from the CURB, in order to use, this concept, to the homeowner's best avail! Although, this is important and essential, I have come, to realize, in my, well over a decade, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, far too often, this key consideration, is, either, overlooked , and / or, neglected. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why, it matters.

1. Clear; create; character; closer: When marketing and selling a house, one of the key components, is to attract qualified, potential buyers, to take a closer look, and seriously, consider, the house, as a candidate, to become their future home! Enhancing curb appeal, helps to create, a more motivating, inspiring, image, to take a further look! How can you, show – off, the best features, and character, of a house, if you can't get them, to come in? When the house, is clear of distractions, etc, more people will take a look!

2. Uses; useful; urgent; usual / unusual; unique: Eliminating distractions lets you, demonstrate the positive, useful, uses, and strong – points, of a particular property! When it is clutter, and distraction – free, it's easier to make an urgent appeal, to prospective buyers! When the curb appeal, is a positive one, it makes it possible to demonstrate, both, the usual, as well as unusual, best features!

3. Relevant; realistic; responsive; reasonable: Instead of making a bad, first impression, make it possible, to provide a more realistic perspective, in a relevant way! Making something relevant to buyers, and doing so, simply, by taking some reasonable steps, makes, sense! Doesn't it?

4. Benefits; bring; better; best: One can use better marketing, when curb appeal, becomes a positive, rather than negative, and / or, neutral one! If you want to bring, the best results, you will need, to clearly, demonstrate, the benefits, of your home!

Don't neglect, or overlook, CURB appeal, if you hope, to make the selling process, for your home, the best and most beneficial! Will you proceed, wisely, and carefully?

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