What the ants in your kitchen can tell you about #CX

One single ant crawls across my kitchen counter.

That one ant has many friends somewhere in a deep cranny of my old flat, just waiting to get the green light from their brave friend that something tasty awaits.

Ants are amazingly intelligent creatures – they can lift 20 times their own body weight! Without ears, they “hear” by feeling vibrations in the ground through their feet. When foraging, ants leave a pheromone trail so that they know where they’ve been.

An important role in our environment, they clean up debris, aerate soil and even fertilize plants. Needless to say, ants are necessary!

Having them in your kitchen is another story.

The next morning, my cat woke me up at 4am with very loud meowing. Unusual for him at this hour, I suspected something was wrong.

I was right.

It was a big mistake leaving the cat food in the kitchen after seeing the one ant on the counter. Swarms of ants now covered the white dish, gobbling down my cat’s breakfast.

What happens next is a very sleepy Jenny dropping a dish full of ants into the sink, turning on the water and washing them away. Through my mind at that exact moment, I hear the ant reviews of my flat:

“It enticed our family in with the smell of delicious food, however, the dining experience ended early as we were washed down the sink. Never going back here!” ~Albert Antstein


“We found this little hole in the wall from the review of a local Queen ant. She’s quite the influencer, so we always take her advice. We were not welcomed in with kindness – instead, the manager, a giant cat, glared at us the whole time we were eating. Will not recommend.” ~Carlos Antana

Clearly, I was not fulfilling the ant experience!

This all got me thinking about CX from different angles – even things that I may be doing in my day to day role, that can make an impact.

It’s the things you don’t see

The one ant arrived into my flat through a crack in the wall that I didn’t know existed. There must have been something to lure it in – an satisfying crumb I unnoticeably dropped while biting into a snack, a sprinkle of sugar that spilled into the cracks of the tiles while baking, the spill that ended up with dark chocolate chips falling into a crevice I cannot reach on the side of the fridge.

Last winter, new in a CX role for a specialty produce company, I didn’t realize that I need a warning and FAQ for customers to not eat the skin of a lime. I learned this very quickly when customers wrote in saying the limes tasted horrible. Inquiring with follow up questions to understand, I found customers were popping the limes into their mouths, skin and all. No wonder they tasted horrible! Citrus skin isn’t recommended for eating nor does it taste very good. Born out of

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