Antique decor adds mystery to your home

By Angella Nampewo

From way back in the day, I have been a lover of old things; finger rings, lampshades and lots of other knickknacks. The beauty of owning these ancient things is that they are one-of-a-kind items, which you are unlikely to find anywhere, so antiques score 100 per cent on the scale of uniqueness. The trouble with antiques is that they are not sold everywhere. You have to have a keen eye or a bunch of connected friends with similar tastes to get your hands on some of these pieces.

Not an ordinary love

They are not your ordinary household goods. Antiques are quaint and ancient. They are bits and bobs collected from the old world. These items are not sold in regular shops on your average street. For one thing, antiques are not easy to come by and to qualify as things of value, they must have a back story. In order to find these sought after but precious and rare items, one may need to put in some leg work and it is while walking through the back streets that you will likely find a corner shop full of the goodies. If you are not lucky to stumble on a dealer or antiques’ shop, then you have to rely on word of mouth recommendation from others with similar interests to point you in the right direction.

In the past, while walking around Kampala, I have stumbled on a flea market at Centenary Park where, fortunately, I managed to pick up a lamp holder with a woven lampshade. The lampshade has served me well and though I was unable to trace its story and previous owner, every time I look at it, there is the secret satisfaction of sharing in the original owner’s good taste.

Then there were the signature rings, from a shop in the central business district. However, the shop where the rings used to be is no more. My newest connection to the world of antiques came via WhatsApp. A fan shared photos after visiting a shop. You can find antiques in other places though, if you have an eye for the stuff. One of the most memorable collections I have seen was a wall of teaspoons in the house of one of my interview subjects.

 Little shops and covid


In order not to spoil it for the collectors, I can only say that there is a little shop on Ggaba Road where you can find old world things. For the antique lovers, part of the thrill of finding stuff is in the chase. If you can hunt down the shop, you will find a variety of antiquated stuff; from cutlery to crockery and jewellery among others. By October though, when the airport reopened, the antique shop proprietors were running out of some items, with no quick way to replace.

In much the same way as other businesses were affected by the Covid -19 closures, the antiques’ business suffered its own blow. According

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‘Olde Good Things’ Antique Store Opens In Hell’s Kitchen

HELL’S KITCHEN, NY — A rarity amid a dire retail climate in New York City, an expansive new business has arrived in Hell’s Kitchen: Olde Good Things, an antique and architectural salvage store, which opened in the neighborhood on Friday.

The 8,000-square-foot, two-floor space on West 52nd Street between Eighth and Ninth avenues has room for large reclaimed items, including gates, columns and windows, as well as light fixtures, mirrors and other furniture, the company said in a news release.

The store is also selling reclaimed items from New York landmarks, including the Waldorf Astoria, the Plaza Hotel and the Flatiron Building, the store said.

The Hell’s Kitchen location joins two existing Olde Good Things stores on Bowery and the Upper West Side, as well as locations in Los Angeles and Scranton, Pa.

The shops are operated by the Church of Bible Understanding, a Pennsylvania-based Evangelical Christian church which has reportedly poured millions of dollars into the stores.

Proceeds from the shops help fund the church’s charitable work in Haiti, according to the OGT website. Earlier this year, 13 children were killed in a fire in a Haiti orphanage operated by the church, which is now facing allegations of neglect.

Olde Good Things began in the 1990s in a Chelsea flea market before opening its own stores, according to the company website.

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New York City-based antique shop to open new location in Hell’s Kitchen

The country’s leading architectural salvage company based in New York City announced that they will be opening their flagship store in Hell’s Kitchen next month.

Olde Good Things will open the new shop at 333 West 52nd Street. The 8,000 square foot store will officially open to the public at 10 a.m. on Oct. 2.

“We have been part of the New York City retail landscape for more than 25 years and we remain committed to the city and its residents,” said Jim DiGiacoma, Olde Good Things board member. “Our 8,000 square foot, two floor showroom is sure to become a true destination for both locals and out-of-town visitors, as well as architects, decorators and designers.”

The flagship store will feature a fresh look and signature architecturally salvaged items from some of New York’s legendary buildings. The new showroom will feature reclaimed architectural treasures including mantels, gates, columns, windows, as well as mirrors, lighting and plumbing.

The new retail store is the third New York City location. Olde Good Things currently has two other Manhattan locations including the Bowery and Broadway’s Upper West Side, as well as one in Los Angeles and two in Scranton, PA.

“Our stores will continue to offer architectural treasures that have been upcycled from the most prestigious New York historic hotels, Broadway theaters, prominent commercial buildings and industrial warehouses to create the most unique retail experience for the consumer,” adds DiGiacoma.

For more information, visit

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10 Tips For Using Antique Mirrors In Your Victorian Decor

Antique mirrors can add a very special touch to your Victorian decor. Use lighting to create an illusion of space and add an element of warmth to that décor.

The surface of a mirror is reflective so by using the correct lighting in the room you can create a beautiful illumination. The antique styling of the mirror helps create the room atmosphere.

Antique mirror glass is made by placing a metallic deposit onto the glass. This method has been used since the 16th century. Over the years it's not uncommon to find the surface wearing slightly. That's okay as it adds some character

Here are 10 tips for using antique mirrors in your home décor:

1. Find your favorite piece of art in the room. Could be a painting, a sculpture, a photograph, or any other type of art. Place your mirror on the opposite wall which will reflect the image and create an interesting room dynamic.

2. To add depth to your room paint one wall a deep dark burgundy or green, or another Victorian color. Then take your antique mirror and hang in directly in the middle of the wall. Add candle wall sconces and wow!

3. If your room is on the dark side then hang your mirror near the window. The natural light will reflect off the mirror and make the room brighter.

4. Your Victorian entrance will look perfect with an ornate mirror above the corner table that holds a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Fresh is perfect but silk certainly works.

5. Antique dining rooms look great with a mirror above the side board. It will not only complete the mood it will make the room look bigger.

6. If your room has a fireplace then place your mirror opposite to create a visual effect. And when the fireplace is flickering you get an amazing effect.

7. Consider grouping together several mirrors that are all different shapes and sizes to make a focal wall display. You can mix different styles and finishes too. Create a sophisticated display or a shabby chic look.

8. You can use a beautiful mirror in a Victorian kitchen. Add it the wall across from your counter space. Consider using more than one mirror to create an effect of largeness.

9. Place your mirror above a piece of furniture. It will instantly draw the eye away from the furniture. Hang above a table, a dresser, or even a sofa.

10. If you have bookcases that are half wall height hang your mirror above them and then place candles on the top of the book case. When the candles are lit they will illuminate the light and the flicker of the candles is so romantic.

Before you do anything you need to have a good look at your room and analyze where you'll get the most benefit from your mirror. You also want to make sure the angle of the mirror does not result in an unattractive scene or cause a glare. …

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