Christina Anstead Tries a Totally New Kitchen Design: Will It Catch On?

Christina Anstead of “Flip or Flop” fame has made a name for herself with her modern coastal designs. But as is clear from her new show, “Christina on the Coast,” she doesn’t always stick to her signature styles. How does she do outside her comfort zone?

In the latest episode, “Boho Flair,” Anstead is working with Sabrina and Miguel, who want her to design the kitchen and living room in their Anaheim Hills, CA, home. They have a healthy renovation budget of $70,000, but their project comes with an unusual challenge. With some areas of the house already renovated, Anstead has to match the existing boho style so her upgrades won’t seem out of place.

While boho is not Anstead’s strong suit, she’s game to give it a try. Here’s how she manages to mix and match decor styles, which might inspire some ideas in your own abode, too.

Matching kitchen cabinets and floors: A new trend?

This all-wood look is beautiful!


In an effort to match Sabrina’s artistic style, Anstead decides to take a design risk we’ve never seen her take before: She plans to refinish the kitchen cabinets to match the new wood floors.

wood floors
These cabinets match the wood floors perfectly!


“In order for all the wood to work, all the stains need to complement each other,” Anstead says. “Otherwise, it’s going to feel random.”

When the cabinets are finally finished, the look is incredible. It’s certainly a lot of wood for one kitchen, but it looks great.

Go for paneled appliances

This refrigerator blends right in with the cabinets.


With refinished cabinets that match the wood floor, Anstead has firmly established a boho look. Still, she decides to take the look one step further by paneling the fridge with the same material!

“This is one of the first times I’ve done a paneled refrigerator,” Anstead admits. But despite her lack of fridge paneling experience, the result is beautiful.

“It doesn’t even look like a refrigerator. It just looks like a piece of furniture,” Sabrina says.

Break up the boho look with industrial accents

pendant lights
Christina Anstead chose the perfect pendant lights.


While Sabrina loves boho style, Miguel likes the industrial look, so Anstead is sure to bring in some details for the kitchen. One of those is the pendant lights above the sink—simple and sleek, perfect for this space.

When Sabrina first sees the lights, she’s certainly impressed.

“Those are so beautiful,” she says, “and again, they have that modern with a little bit of that industrial—because of the black.”

When the lights are finally installed, they look perfect. This kitchen is a fabulous combination of both of Sabrina and Miguel’s styles.

Know the right spot for a sink

Before, this kitchen felt closed off.


Often designers organize a kitchen layout so that the sink is situated by the window. It’s usually a great choice because the homeowner can look

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