Mike Pence couldn’t defend the White House’s coronavirus response, so he made up alternative facts

Mike Pence
Mike Pence

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence debates Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) at the University of Utah on October 7, 2020 in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is the only scheduled debate between the two before the general election on November 3. Morry Gash-Pool/Getty Images

Vice President Mike Pence repeatedly made false claims about the Trump administration’s coronavirus response as he dodged, interrupted and obfuscated through the vice presidential debate on Wednesday.

Though the lone vice presidential debate was far more civil than the mind-melting presidential debate last week, it was not much different in substance. Moderator Susan Page, the Washington bureau chief for USA Today, asked Pence and Democratic nominee Kamala Harris about a range of important issues but completely failed to press the candidates to actually respond to her questions. That allowed Pence to repeatedly dodge questions he did not want to answer about Trump’s health, racial justice and even abortion.

Pence also refused to say what he would do if Trump rejected a peaceful transition of power, instead echoing the president’s false claims about virtually non-existent voter fraud.

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The two candidates were divided by plexiglass barriers after President Donald Trump and numerous top aides tested positive for the coronavirus following a possible “super spreader” White House event where Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett was formally announced. Pence’s unusually red eyes prompted speculation about whether he had “COVID pink eye,” and he was instantly turned into a meme when a fly sat on his head for a full two minutes during one of the segments.

Harris also dodged questions throughout the night as she was repeatedly interrupted by Pence. CBS News found that Pence interrupted Harris twice as much as she interrupted him. Despite avoiding questions about Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s health and whether the ticket supports expanding the Supreme Court, fact-checkers concluded that Harris was far more honest than her Republican opponent, who repeatedly made false and misleading claims about the Trump administration’s coronavirus response. Pence heads the chair of the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

Harris called the response to the pandemic the “greatest failure of any presidential administration,” repeatedly pointing out the mounting death toll in the U.S. Pence responded by bizarrely claiming that the Obama-Biden response to the H1N1 swine flu in 2009 was a bigger “failure,” because that virus infected 60 million people.

But the swine flu was far less dangerous than the coronavirus, which has killed more than 211,000 people in the US. By comparison, fewer than 13,000 Americans died from the swine flu. Because it was less deadly, it did not require a lockdown, which allowed the virus to spread wider than the coronavirus has thus far. The regular flu typically infects more than 35 million people each year and kills far more

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Sunflowers for scholarships — Wauconda Garden Club finds fundraising alternative

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on many suburban organizations and clubs, forcing the cancellation of meetings, events and fundraisers.

Among those affected was the Wauconda Garden Club, which had to call off its annual flower sale normally held in May at the Cook House on Main Street. Proceeds from sale benefit the club’s activities, along with a scholarship fund for Wauconda High School seniors.



Although the club has held auctions and raffles to boost the scholarship program — which awards $500 to one or two graduating seniors — it needed to find alternative ways to raise money.

“Maureen Berger to the rescue” said club Secretary Sue Ravenscraft said.

Berger, a longtime club member, offered her small sunflower field on the north side of Route 176 at Westridge Drive in Island Lake as a way to bring in more donations.

A sign posted along Westridge says the sunflowers can be bought for $1 per stem, with proceeds benefiting the scholarship fund. Money is collected at nearby Sofia’s Mexican Restaurant, 640 E. State Road in Island Lake.

The club took to social media to spread the word.

“It seemed to spark some joy and happiness, which to me is what sunflowers do,” club member Nan Bero said. “So in these times I think this was wonderful, and I passed by yesterday and it looks so beautiful to see.”



Ravenscraft said scholarship applicants are reviewed by a committee that weighs several factors: grades, community service, sports, work, hardships and field of study in college, among others.

The club was founded in 1975, and members work on community projects, including the redesign of planters along Main Street and maintaining the Blue Star memorial in Wauconda’s Memorial Park.

“Our club strives to accomplish several things. We want to educate, learn and share in area of horticulture and promote civic beauty” Ravenscraft said. “We want to give back to the community and its residents.”


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Grout Alternative for Bathroom Tile

When one is tiling their bathroom floor, experts will always tell consumers to fill the spaces between the tiles with grout so that the seal is secure and does not allow moisture to seep into the floor. If moisture seeps in-between the tile, it opens up the opportunity for mold to form underneath the floor. Putting something between the tiles to create a seal is important, however, there are alternatives to using grout. It is only a matter of deciding what works best for the consumer, taking expenses, aesthetics, and efficiency into account. All of these options can be done by taking a “do-it-yourself” approach rather than hiring professionals if the consumer wishes.

The first alternative is sanded grout. It is cement-based and is most commonly used for in-between tile and stone. Purchasing a package of sanded grout from Ace Hardware Outlet for $6 per 7-pound package. It is a commonly absorbent product and should be sealed over to protect the product from stains and dirt. It is very simple to apply and a great choice for those who are unfamiliar with the process. Since the price is so affordable, it makes it a lot easier to afford the correct amount and fix mistakes.

Another alternative is an epoxy-based one. The advantage to using this type is that it is both stain and mildew resistant. While this can be self-applied, it is fairly difficult since there are several components to the mixture that need to be combined and mixed just before application. After mixing, there is only a small window of time that one has to apply the epoxy-based grout to the area. If this is one’s first time applying this type, it is suggested to hire a seasoned contractor to get the job done. However, if one is interested in taking on the project, this type can be found at The Home Depot for $31 per package.

These options are both great alternatives to using standard grout materials. Both options are affordable and will keep any bathroom safe from stains, mold, dirt, and mildew that could possibly collect on the floor. Consumers looking to upgrade their bathroom should look into alternatives to grout to save themselves both money and time during their updates. These alternatives will give consumers the same benefits of traditional grout without having to spend the time outlining each individual tile themselves. Once finished, the consumer will be pleasantly surprised with their results!…

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Bamboo Bathroom Cabinets: The New Alternative to Wood


The trees that are harvested to create real wood products often take decades to reach the maturity level necessary for them to be harvested. Because of this, wood is slowly becoming a depleted resource. This grass, on the other, hand is plentiful now and can reach full maturity in as little as four years, making it a more sustainable natural resource. Environmentally friendly people are encouraged to double check with the manufacturer that they are purchasing their products from to make sure that the grass was harvested in an earth friendly way.

No Damage from Moisture

Wood often absorbs moisture and water, causing it to swell and lose its original shape. This wood alternative does not absorb moisture the same way that wood does, making bamboo an exceptional choice for bathroom remodeling projects, particularly if the members of the family enjoy extremely hot showers. Homeowners will not be concerned with their bamboo bathroom cabinets becoming warped as time goes on. Instead, they can enjoy a room that will have the same visual appear years later as it did the day their products were first assembled.


Most people seem to be under the impression that it will not be as durable as wood because it is technically a grass, but it is the exact opposite. This material has proven to be more durable than wood in most cases. It can withstand a little bit of abuse, hold more weight than the sturdiest wood shelves in some cases, and, so far, it lasts longer. This alternative to wood has the potential to outlast much of the furniture in your home today while retaining its beauty.


Because this resource is still plentiful in the world, the recent surge in demand for this natural resource has not resulted in an increase in prices. Instead, the price range for this material is still affordable for families with a variety of incomes. After bamboo bathroom cabinets are installed, they stay affordable for homeowners. No special chemicals or maintenance is required to keep your home looking beautiful aside from oiling the material and sometimes cleaning them with warm soap and water.

Different Colors and Styles

Bamboo can be manipulated into a variety of styles and can be stained in a fashion like wood, making this new building material as versatile as wood when it comes to redecorating. Homeowners should stain this material with caution, however. It does not work the same way with wood, so some practice on a small, inconspicuous piece of your shelves is a good idea.

Remodeling projects can go one of two ways: they can result in your home becoming less than appealing or you can wind up with a home that requires less maintenance and has more visual appeal. Bathroom cabinets made of this material help you do the latter, providing you with a unique design that will impress your guests that requires little to no maintenance on your part. Take the time to research this earth friendly option …

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