Man says Airbnb home decorated with ‘devil worship’ decor ‘made the entire family feel unsafe’

Halloween came early for one family who claims they were driven from their Airbnb rental home by symbols of witchcraft and satanism.

New York City author Frederick Joseph detailed the short-lived rental experience in a Tuesday Twitter thread. He paid $1,150 for two nights at the two-bedroom home for himself, his fiancée, his 21-year-old cousin and his 8-year-old brother. But the family encountered “seemingly satanic items and stuff for witchcraft rituals” when they arrived, Joseph tweeted.

The owner had listed the Spring Glen, N.Y. rental as a two-bedroom getaway with a “Scandinavian vibe,” but Joseph says the decor was unexpected.

“I went inside the home alone to check it out and I noticed there were no blinds on any of the windows,” he tells Yahoo Life. “You could see into the home from any angle.”

Joseph said he ventured into the basement only because its staircase greeted him at the front door. There, he discovered “animal skulls and ritualistic floor markings” along with shattered glass. The markings, he said, led to a door that opened to a bathtub outside that was surrounded by unlit candles.

Once upstairs, Joseph found photos, candles and books seemingly dedicated to rituals. The collection, he says, “looked like devil worship” along with demon-like trinkets and a clear bag containing what looked like a headless taxidermy bird.

“At this point, we said f**k this, we are out of here,” Joseph tells Yahoo Life. During multiple correspondences with Airbnb, it was conveyed to Joseph that the owner offered to remove any items that made his family uncomfortable. However, Joseph declined.

“Needless to say, we left because we are Black and not dealing with something that was: 1. advertised completely different 2. Looks like a scene from [the horror film] Hereditary 3. Made the entire family feel unsafe,” he tweeted.

“Black people have been through certain traumas, both historically and currently, [involving situations] that might generate less apprehension

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