Smart Ways to Hang or Hide Paper Towel Rolls in Your Kitchen

Most of us reach for a roll of paper towels on the regular. Maybe you want to grease a baking pan, or perhaps you need to mop up a small spill—those are just a couple of the hundred or so reasons we might need a sheet or two. But paper towels are not something we want rolling around on the counter, but hiding them under the sink isn’t practical: No one wants to stoop down and dig through the cabinets every time there’s a spill. So, what are some of the best ways to store a roll of paper towels so that the kitchen essentials are on hand but not in the way? We’ve divided possible options into four main types—countertop holders, under-counter hangers, wall-mounted holders, and over-the-cabinet-door holders—so you can find the solution that will work best for your kitchen.

© Provided by Martha Stewart Living
Courtesy of Food52/Rocky Luten

© Courtesy of Food52/Rocky Luten
Wrangle your roll so it’s easy to grab but not in the way.

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When you use a countertop holder, you’re committing to keeping your roll of paper towels in view. Choose a style that echoes the look of your kitchen, whether that means a simple maple wood holder ($48,, going with a classy gold option ($59,, or bringing home a sleek metal version ($24.99, to suit your more contemporary space. (This style of countertop holder has a tension arm to help you pull just one sheet at a time.). Another option: Repurposing an antique washer plunger or other vintage item to hold your roll.

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Wall Mounted

If you don’t have the counter space or don’t want to add another item to your counters, a wall-mounted paper towel holder is the obvious solution. Look for a holder that will last and is easy to change the roll on, plus easy to use. There are lots of utilitarian options that blend in ($14.99,, but there are also sturdy ones that make a statement ($119, all on their own. Some require drilling into the wall to install, but if you’re living in a rental or not ready to commit, you’ll find magnetic paper towel holders ($19.99, work well, but are generally not as sturdy. You’ll need to be gentle with this iteration. Most wall mounted holders are horizontal but there are some vertical models if that fits your space or style better. For a statement-making wall-mounted paper towel holder, a vintage ice pick setup can’t be beat ($83,

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Under Cabinet

A paper towel is always on hand when you have an under-cabinet holder. Styles range from clip on ($32, to those that require some installation, often with screws through the base of the shelf or upper cabinet ($13.42, Consider the profile of the holder when you have a roll of paper towel installed, ideally choose one that won’t stick out beyond the upper cabinets or hang down too low. There are various ways to DIY an under-cabinet hanging using wire coat hangers, chain, or copper pipe.

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Back of the Cabinet Door

Hanging a holder over the back of cabinet door ($11.99, keeps the roll out of sight but easily to grab (unlike stashing it in the under-sink cabinet). Best of all, this method doesn’t require any installation.

Perhaps the fanciest option is a built-in paper towel holder which requires customizing your cabinets. Removing a drawer and installing a holder in the drawer space, with the bonus of storage for extra rolls of paper towel behind.

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