Give Your Shower a New Look

The bathroom is one of the busiest places in a home. It’s a hub for daily routines — including showering, of course — from the time everyone in a household wakes until they go to bed. Most homeowners use their showers at least once a day, so it’s important for the shower to offer comfort and contribute to the bathroom’s overall aesthetic.

Do sleek, modern, all-white bathrooms inspire you? Or do you favor the spa-like feel of earth tones? Maybe you love a traditional look with luxurious fixtures. Whatever your preference, you can find elements to suit any style or budget at Lowe’s, including shower doors and shower surrounds.

Shower Doors

Look for a shower door that fits the layout and design of your bathroom. We carry a variety from top brands, including DreamLine shower doors.

Be aware that shower doors come in a variety of framing styles, including framed, semi-framed and frameless. Framed doors mount to a metal frame for support, whereas frameless doors use heavy hardware and thick tempered glass for support. Frameless shower doors are completely open, creating the illusion of a larger bathroom and offering a contemporary aesthetic.

Something else to consider is how you want your shower door to open and close. From sliding shower doors that mimic barn doors to doors that pivot or swing outward, Lowe’s carries a variety of options.

Glass Type

The type of glass on your shower door affects both the appearance of your bathroom and the level of privacy you’ll get during a shower. Clear shower glass panels offer the least privacy but can enhance a modern look that allows visibility of the shower’s interior, which is perfect for tiled stalls. Frosted shower glass provides the most privacy, whereas patterned- and etched-glass options fall in the middle of the privacy scale.

Creating Your Bath Space

Considering a do-it-yourself (DIY) project? Whether your design calls for curved shower stalls or glass shower enclosures, a shower kit is a great option for a DIY project. All-in-one kits typically include a shower enclosure, back wall and base pan — basic components for a new look.

From alcove shower kits and bathtub shower kits to corner shower kits and one-piece shower kits, Lowe’s carries a variety of options to ensure you find something right for your bathroom’s floor plan. We also have tile shower pans that, once installed, create a smooth surface on which to lay the tile of your choice. A tile update is a great way to bring a fresh and luxurious look to your stand-up shower.

When working on your shower door installation, take time to look over the other shower components, such as the shower head and other plumbing fixtures. This might be a good time to replace them, as well. If you’re going all in, don’t forget to shop for bathtubs, shower tile, shower surrounds, faucets and other bathroom accessories to complete the space.

Whether you’re doing a simple replacement or full remodel, Lowe’s is eager to provide all you need to update your bathroom. And you can do it with stylish products from trusted brands, such as KOHLER showers, American Standard showers and MAAX showers — at prices to fit any budget.

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