Shopping for Home Furniture: Which is the best material for your couch? 

Getting the best sofa for your living room can be a bit daunting if you have not purchased one in the past. Apart from price, there are other factors that you want to check before buying a sofa. The material of the sofa is very fundamental in determining its longevity and outward appearance. You want to ensure you pick the best material that’s suitable for your home.

In this article, we highlight some of the best materials you should look forward to when you shop for your modern sofa. Read through for some hacks on choosing a material for your sofa.


Leather is one of the most popular materials you can have on a quality sofa. There are different types of leather that you should beware of before you decide to buy a leather sofa. Most manufacturers tend to coat the leather with polythene and other products to make them last longer and appealing.

You may have to choose between unprotected and protected leather. Sometimes it takes an eagle-eye to spot the difference between a fake and original leather material. You may want to confirm the grain and texture of the material to ensure you are buying real leather material.

Acrylic and Polyester 

Polyester is the most affordable material you can get for a contemporary couch. It may not have the softness and breathability like most of the traditional and natural materials, but they actually give a perfect look on a couch. Acrylic and polyester last longer than most natural materials because their threads do not break down easily.

Another advantage of synthetic materials is that they are easy to clean. Most manufacturers may combine synthetic polyester with natural materials like leather to make the couch more appealing. If you are lucky to find a sofa with a polyester pigment, then you can be confident it will last longer than you expect it.


The type of weaving on your sofa is also very crucial in establishing its durability. Every fabric is made by combining threads. If the weaving on the material is tight, then it is more likely to last longer than a material with loose threading.  

When buying a sofa, you must ensure the weaving on the fabric is tighter and thick. With a thick and tight weaving, the material will last longer. It is also easy to clean fabric with tight weaving because the threads do not loosen faster. You can always shop for a sofa with linen and velvet material. They may be a bit expensive but worth your money. Avoid material with dyed fabric because they are more vulnerable to bleaching when exposed to sunlight.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, the material used in producing the sofa plays a significant role in ensuring you achieve the desired finish in your living room. When you go for any of the materials we have listed here, ensure it meets all your requirements. Adventures in Furniture have an unrivalled selection of fabric options so you can be confident they will find the right solution for your home.