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I told my wife that as a late Christmas gift, and an early "get ready for camping season" gift, she could get whatever she wanted to accessorize and update the interior of our RV from Camping World. It did not take long before she was perusing the http://www.CampingWorld.com website in search of the products she wanted for her RV interior makeover.

Soon afterwards, the packages began arriving at our doorstep. In all of her excitement, she had me sit down so she could show me all of the new interior treatments and accessories. I must say that from a man's perspective I was not all that impressed at first, when she pulled out the new sheets, towels, candles, placemats, and what looked to be some kind of a sleeping bag. But upon closer examination and after listening to her explanation about each of these new interior items, I was quite impressed.

For starters, she ordered a 600 thread count sheet set for our queen size RV bed. Now if you know anything about RV beds you know that it is almost impossible to find sheets to fit. Not only are these premium sheets sized especially for RV beds, but the designer colors coordinate with any RV bedroom, and until you try them you can't imagine how soft this Egyptian-combed cotton really is.

Next, she pulled some bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths out of a box. Now I always thought a bath towel, was a bath towel, was a bath towel. Boy, was I ever wrong. The first thing she showed me was how big (27 "X 48") and thick the new RV bath towels were. Next, she pointed out how the neutral beige color matched our RV bathroom. But what really sold her on the towels was that they feature an antimicrobial treatment that keeps them fresh. What does antimicrobial mean? Well, basically it means that the towels and wash cloths need no bleach to stay sanitary and fresh, and the treatment lasts up to 50 washings.

Then she moved on to the new placemats and candles. I must say that not only are the placemats good looking but they're reversible, they coordinate with the kitchen and they will help protect the table. The neat thing about the candles is that they are flameless, color-changing, scented candles. Yes, I said flameless. They're actual wax candles with real scents that are lit by a long-life LED (light emitting diode). No open flame means they're safe to use in the RV, and you can select to have the color change every ten seconds or use the hold feature. Very neat!

Last (and possibly my favorite part of her interior makeover) was the thing that looked like a sleeping bag. It is actually called a Travasak® Sleep System, and it is an all-in-one, year-round RV bedding system that incorporates two comforters, winter and summer, that are zipped together on three sides. You put the Winter side on top during colder weather and the Summer side on top during warmer weather. The Winter side is filled with twice as much hypoallergenic Travafill insulation as the lighter Summer side. Each comforter features soft, smooth microsuede outer fabric that's water-and soil-resistant, and the two-way zippers have dual sliders for easy operation and easy laundering. The sheets and pillow cases are 200 thread count poly / cotton percale that offer a luxurious feel, and there's a Velcro® strip down each side that holds the sheets securely in place.

My wife said she wanted the Travasak Sleep System for our son to use when we pull out the sofa sleeper. She said it would be so easy to set-up at night and store during the daytime. I, on the other hand, tried it on our bed and all I can say is our son will have to continue using his old sleeping bag or my wife will have to get another Travasak® to use on the sofa sleeper. (Sorry Josh!) Trust me: the Travasak® is so comfy you won't be willing to give it up once you try it for yourself!

My wife's RV interior makeover was a huge success. And this RVing guy is a lot smarter thanks to his RV interior education!

Happy Camping!

Mark J. Polk

Copyright 2006 by Mark J. Polk owner of RV Education 101

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