Ronit’s Kitchen closing at the end of September

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – Another restaurant in downtown Rockford has fallen victim to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Roni Golan said he did what he could to help his wife’s dream of running her own restaurant come true. Owner of Ronit’s Kitchen, Ronit Golan said she knew starting a business would be a risk, but neither of them could have predicted a pandemic would take that dream away. Her restaurant will be closing at the end of the month.

“It’s pretty devastating actually,” said Roni Golan.

Ronit’s passion for cooking Mediterranean food flourished when she lived overseas. Armed with a lot of determination, she left her career as a physical therapist to bring a new flavor to the Forest City.

“I heard about this opportunity and I said you know, it’s time for me to try something I have always wanted to do,” said Ronit Golan.

Ronit’s Kitchen opened in May 2019 inside the Indoor City Market. It thrived for a while, but then the pandemic hit, making it nearly impossible for customers to enter the store and purchase food.

“I am a people person so I have met a lot of people since I opened. We got new people who have never tried Israeli food before, and they realize they love it,” said Ronit Golan.

The Golans said they are sad to be closing after only about a year and a half in business.

“I am going to make sure she lives her dream. If it’s not her restaurant, it’s going to be in another way,” said Roni Golan.

Ronit said she’ll continue catering, and hopes people will contact her for orders through her Ronit’s Kitchen Facebook Page.

“Most of it was a good experience. I love the people and I hope to continue being active in the community any way I can.”

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