Road rage: Man rams car into bike after argument in Delhi’s Dilshad Garden – cities

New Delhi:

In a road rage incident in east Delhi’s Dilshad Garden early Monday, two friends received multiple injuries after their motorcycle was hit from behind by a car with whose driver they had an argument minutes earlier, police said.

The impact of the hit was such that both men riding the Royal Enfield motorcycle were left with multiple fractures. The Swift car itself climbed up a pavement after hitting the bikerss.

The car driver has been booked for attempt to commit culpable homicide but is yet to be arrested. “We have details of the suspect and are out to find and arrest him,” said a senior police officer who didn’t want to be identified.

The crime happened around 12.30 am on Monday when Juber, 23, and his friend, 22-year-old Siraj, were out to have soft drinks at a shop in Dilshad Garden.

Juber, who runs a milk shake shop and was riding his Royal Enfield motorcycle, told the police that he and his friend were having soft drinks at a shop when a Swift car taking a turn on the road hit the front tyre of his motorcycle.

“The two men hopped on to their motorcycle and chased the car before bringing it to a halt. An argument ensued between them, but other people intervened and separated them,” said the police officer.

While the two men began to return to the shop where it had all begun, the Swift car driver allegedly decided to chase them.

“We heard continuous honking from behind. We ignored it, but the car hit our motorcycle very hard from behind. Both of us were thrown off the motorcycle. The car climbed a pavement and ended up with a broken bumper,” Juber told the police.

When the car driver got off his vehicle to check his broken bumper, Juber said he saw that it was the same man with who they had an argument minutes earlier.

“People gathered at the spot and the driver took advantage of the situation to slip away with his car,” Juber told the police.

The car’s registration number plate had fallen at the spot, with the help of which the police identified the suspect. The police didn’t reveal his identity, pending his arrest.

The two injured men were rushed to a local hospital from where they were referred to Safdarjung Hospital. “They have suffered multiple injuries and are receiving treatment,” the officer said.

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