Residents ask mayor to stop removal of angels at Nueces County Victims’ Memorial Garden

Residents took to email to beg Mayor Joe McComb to stop the removal of angels at the Nueces County Victims’ Memorial Garden on Thursday.

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The garden, located at Oleander Point at Cole Park, is a place for families to remember their lost loved ones. 

Fallon Wood, the mother of the late 21-year-old Breanna Wood, began work on the garden after her daughter’s body was found. Families and friends of victims can add their loved one to the memorial with plaques that can be adorned with a name and photo. 

The Nueces County Victims' Memorial Garden is located at Oleander Point at Cole Park.

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The Nueces County Victims’ Memorial Garden is located at Oleander Point at Cole Park.

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In a Facebook post, the Nueces County Victims’ Memorial Garden said the Parks and Recreation department asked for the removal of the angels by Sept. 25. 

“When Fallon started doing this deal, she did it on her own,” said George Fennema, Wood’s brother, said. “When she got everything approved through the city, she made some revisions to it that she thought would look better.”


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Fennema said Parks and Recreation told them to remove everything from the park that wasn’t approved by the department, including a flagpole and pathway lights. 

The department allowed the flag and lights to stay, but insisted the angels were removed, Fennema said.

“I suggested we submit stuff for review and they said no,” Fennema said. “I did the revisions they wanted, but we left the angels there. The only answer we need is why you want the angels removed. They said they don’t feel they’re aesthetically acceptable in our city park.”

An email obtained by the Caller-Times shows the department requesting the angels be removed.

“The Parks and Recreation Department does not feel that the Angels or the Angel Wings at the memorial garden meet the aesthetics of a City park,” the email said.

Residents asked McComb to intervene in the removal of the park’s angels.

“I am not happy that the Parks and Recreation is demanding we take down the angels in our garden,” Kathleen Garza said in an email. “We were victimized once. Please don’t do it again by removing anything from our beautiful garden.”

Others urged McComb to visit the garden himself.

“If you have not been to the park, I highly recommend doing so,” Rita Lucero said in an email. “Let these people who have gone through things you hopefully never have to go through have their place in peace. It has been accepted by the community in such a wonderful and warm way.”

Lisa Oliver, Community Relations Superintendent for Corpus Christi Parks and Recreations, said the department will give a statement on Friday.

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