Residential Cabin – 5 Secrets To Make A Perfect Interior

When you think of your cabin, you envision a place where you head to relax and unwind after long days. As such, you want it to be as comfortable and as beautiful as it can be such that when you walk in, you feel at peace. People feel more at peace in their homes even when compared to luxury suites in the best of hotels. This feeling accrues from the fact that your home is a representative of who you are as a person and what you like. That’s why everyone’s home is different and unique in its way. Making touches to your interior gives your home a unique appearance, and you will feel even more relaxed, owing to an environment in which you have control.

Decorating a log cabin is much harder than it seems and people often have difficulties deciding how to go about it. Others resort to hiring professionals to do the work on their behalf. However, with the right tips at hand, you are more than capable of decorating your home to make it unique and comfortable. Here are some tips which you can put to use during transformation.

Think outside the box

Log cabins are not conventional homes, and as such, even the decoration practices should be outside the box. Dare to dream when it comes to making changes to the interior. There is this myth that log cabins go hand in hand with old furniture, but this is not always the case. While it is true that old furniture completes the outdoorsy look in the interior space and makes a log cabin have a relaxed atmosphere, there are many other options which you can exploit to match your tastes better.

Supposing you prefer a modern look and there are modern pieces which you wish to add to your home, do not hold back. After all, your home should match what you need and not what people consider to be the ‘in thing.’

As you think outside the box, be sure to take safety precautions such that you do not make fittings that can put you and other people at risk while in the house. That said, go nuts and unleash your creativity as you embark on this journey. All that counts is comfort and style.

Plan ahead

As with everything, it is always good to have a clear picture of what you wish to achieve in the end so that you can work towards that. Interior designers often start with a theme which guides them along the way.

There are multiple choices to choose from including but not limited to Western Ranch to wildlife themes. You can also come up with a different idea and create sketches of what you wish to have and where. If you cannot decide on one style, you can choose different themes for different rooms which also helps in giving your home an exciting finish.

As you go about choosing the furniture and accessories for your home, you will require doing so as per the theme you came up with in the beginning. You can play around with varying styles but be sure to work according to your plan such that you do not end up with themes that conflict with each other.

Select an appropriate hue

The color on which you decide on should match with your desired purpose. If you are going for a welcoming look, then you should look into warm color options which will aid you in achieving your desired appearance. Bright colors add vibrancy to a room and are great if you wish to use your space for entertainment purposes. Another great way to choose colors is by considering the undertone of the surroundings. Let’s suppose that the walls have a red undertone. You can use this to your gain by playing around with colors in that range such that what you choose falls in line with your structure. Most tastefully decorated cabins look so because, during decoration, the interior designer paid attention to the undertones in the ceiling, floor and walls.

There are some relaxing shades that you can use to make your interior pleasing to the eye. They include cream, moss, mauve and olive, all which add to the beauty of your home without taking attention away from your accessories. Be sure to keep your fittings in mind as you choose a hue.


Your furniture is not just about elegance and beauty, but it should also be functional. A beautiful table can also have spaces in which you can store some items, and this would add to its functionality. You should also look into how comfortable your furniture is such that people can lounge for hours on end on your seats without getting backaches. One of the best materials to use for furniture is wood as it easily blends with your cabin. However, you are free to make artistic decisions regarding the same.

Contrast: Yes or No?

In the recent times, people have taken to going above and beyond what was considered tasteful in the past and are now coming up with new designs on a constant basis. One of the trends at present is the use of contrast which is something people shunned in the past. However, studies show that contrasting colors make a room appear more prominent than it is and they also add an exciting touch to the interior, making it look unique. When choosing furniture, pillows, curtains and other accessories, be sure to play around with colors that match your cabin’s interior.

There was a time when mixing stripes and floral patterns, was seen as a crime in interior décor, but now you can do so as long as the colors blend with the interior. Notice that there is an emphasis on whether your choices positively affect the interior. Sometimes people get carried away with decorating, and they choose pieces that they love only to end up in a room where almost everything clashes with each other. Remember that the goal is to have a neat, comfortable house and you can only achieve this through an order, hence the need for a plan.

These tips will result in a lovely cabin where you can spend most of your time unwinding with your loved ones. What’s more, there are very many reasonably priced options on accessories, and you need not spend a fortune on decorating. Have fun!