‘Rebuild the greatest economy in American history’

House Republicans announced plans for governing with lower taxes and support for law enforcement if they are able to retake the House in the Nov. 3 election.

The GOP agenda included few details but a strong pledge from Republicans to steer clear of the far-left agenda they say House Democrats and their presidential nominee, Joe Biden, plan to follow.

Republicans called their agenda “Our Commitment to America,” and they said the plan’s objectives include restoring America to life before the pandemic, rebuilding the economy, and renewing the American dream.

They provided few details, although Rep. Kevin Brady, a Texas Republican and ranking member on the Ways and Means Committee, said the GOP would make the 2017 tax cuts permanent.

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said the GOP would work to create 10 million good-paying jobs.

“And we will ensure the safety and security of all communities and uphold the constitutional liberties of every single American,” the California Republican said. “Republicans will rebuild the greatest economy in history. We’ve done it once, and we’ll do it again.”

McCarthy said Republicans would work to ensure manufacturing shifts from China back to America, invest in school science and technology programs, and ensure that families have options for educating their children outside of the public system.

To win back the majority, House Republicans would need to pick up more than 20 seats now held by Democrats while winning all of their own competitive races.

Race analysts project House Republicans will not make any significant gains in November, however.

Republicans are working to distinguish themselves from Democrats in a bid to win over more moderate voters who may be turned off by the leftward swing of the Democratic Party.

Democrats, GOP Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming said, “would defund our police, dismantle our freedom, destroy our history and abandon our founding values and every day.”

She added, “We are committing today to the United States of America that if you give us the chance, we will change that.”

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