Reasons to buy new furniture from a single store

There are many reasons why you might want to buy a piece of brand new furniture. It could be that you are moving to a new house. It could also be that you have just renovated your house and you feel you should complete the feel by getting new furniture as well. You might also want to change your old furniture because they are already very old and you are no more comfortable with them. You might also want furniture for your office or you to want to gift it out to a friend or other acquaintances. Irrespective of the reason why you are buying new furniture, it is advisable to buy them from a single store. Some of the reasons why you should buy new furniture from a single store are discussed subsequently.


When you want to buy new furniture, you would want to make sure that the furniture is the same style and they also fit with your room. Most furniture stores know this and would often have the best set of furniture and other furniture that would all be the same style. Thus it is easy for you to get every type of furniture you want of the same style that would match with your interior decoration if you are shopping from a single store such as Homesquare.

Discount possibilities

Most stores including online furniture stores give a discount when you buy bulk furniture from them. The value of furniture you have to buy before getting a discount often vary from store to store. However, the more the different types of furniture you buy from the store, the higher the chances of buying enough furniture to get the discount. It is worthy of note that this discount could sometimes be higher than 60% of the value for the furniture you are buying. Thus, it would be more profitable to buy all your living room furniture, bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture and even bathroom furniture from a single store compared to when you buy them from different stores.

Free delivery

Another way you can cut costs on buying furniture online is when you qualify for free delivery. Considering how bulky furniture is, you would need to buy a significant quantity of furniture before you can qualify for free delivery. Just like the discount possibilities, buying all your furniture from a single store would make it easier to qualify for a free delivery compared to when you are buying it from different stores.


It takes a lot of capital to buy and sell furniture. This is why you might find some new or small furniture stores just selling furniture for a particular part of the home with the hope to grow into a big furniture store with a showroom where they would have furniture for every part of the home. Furniture that has gotten to the stage where they sell a wide range of furniture would have gotten thereby building a reputation over time and having a lot of customers who patronize them. Reading reviews about the furniture store would easily help you know if the furniture store is worth patronizing or not.