Python Climbs Through Bathroom Window, Hides in Toilet

A carpet python was found in the toilet bowl of a bathroom at a home in the Queensland state of Australia.

The snake was reported to have entered the home in Bardon, a suburb of Brisbane, by climbing through a bathroom window, according to Snake Out Brisbane Snake Catchers.

The reptile was said to have eaten a possum before it decided to “hide out” in the toilet.

“Another cheeky indoor #carpetpython, this one ate a possum then climbed in through a bathroom window in #Bardon to hide out in the toilet bowl #toiletsnake #snekinbowl,” the company noted in a post on its official Facebook page.

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The snake catchers noted: “It seems the snake ate a decent-sized possum, then snuck in the window and found a nice indoor pool to hang out in for a while.

“While carpet snakes can, but rarely do, come up the S-bend, this was a case of a bathroom window left open with a big Mulberry tree next to it,” according to the snake catchers, ABC Brisbane reported.

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The snake was “gently relocated to a nearby creek,” the snake catchers confirmed.

Lockdowns implemented in Australia amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic were reported to have led to a rise in reports of encounters with deadly snakes, with the warmer weather bringing snakes out of hibernation.

Snake Out Brisbane Snake Catchers warned: “Keep screens and windows shut this #snakeseason, and if you have a snake on your property, keep an eye from [at] least 5m [meters] away, grab a photo, and call a professional if you need more advice,” in a post on its Facebook page.

Earlier this month, a seven-foot python was found “snuggled up” on a warm electric blanket in a child’s bed in Queensland.

“This large carpet python had made its way into the family’s house and decided to lay upon one of the boys’ beds. It just so happened that he had his electric blanket on and the snake thought it would make the most of the warmth during this cold rainy weather. What an absolute beauty!” the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 noted in a post on its official Facebook page.

Also this month, two pythons with a combined weight of around 39.7 pounds were reported to have “smashed” through the ceiling of another home in Queensland.

Raymond Hoser, who runs Snakebusters in Melbourne, told Australian Associated Press: “If you see a snake don’t go near it. Nine times out of 10 if they’re in your garden they’re passing through.

“If you get bitten, [put a] bandage on your arm, [go] straight to hospital. Without treatment you’re likely to die. With treatment, you probably won’t die,” he noted.

snakes carpet python Brisbane Australia
A carpet python pictured on October 22, 2017 in Brisbane, Australia. A carpet python was found this week in a toilet bowl at a home in Brisbane after it ate a possum.
Michelle McMaster/Getty Images

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