Party-goers found hiding in bathroom as police issue fines for Holyland disorder

Police have issued eight fines and ten community resolution notices after student parties in the Holyland area of south Belfast.

t’s after they responded to a number of parties at houses in the area in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Police said they found a number of people hiding in a small bathroom to avoid detection when they visited their address.

The fixed penalty notices issued by police carry a £60 fine.

Chief Inspector Gavin Kirkpatrick said: “Some young people who have moved to the area to pursue their studies, and others visiting the area are not listening to our repeated warnings.

“Alongside the universities and colleges, we have issued multiple appeals for young people to follow the latest health and safety advice and highlighted the importance of being good neighbours.

“Last night, we gave advice and guidance at a number of residential properties. However, 18 of those people we spoke with failed to understand the seriousness of the situation. At one address, we discovered a group of people hiding in a small bathroom. Some received community resolution notices, while the behaviour of others resulted in fixed penalty notices. This follows a series of arrests for a range of offences in the area over recent days.

“Where appropriate, we now will liaise with the universities and colleges who will consider their own sanctions against any students involved.”

Police said all students must follow health and safety advice regarding houses of multiple occupancy provided by universities and emphasised that only six people from a maximum of two different households can gather indoors in a private dwelling.

“Students living off campus must also be mindful of the importance of building good relationships with local residents. They must be respectful of their neighbours who do not want to kept awake all night with parties and do not want to have their property damaged.

“Unfortunately residents have been through it all before. What might seem like fun at the time, can often cause others a great deal of upset and distress,” said Chief Inspector Kirkpatrick.

“We have dedicated substantial resources to policing this area throughout the coming weeks and will robustly address any antisocial behaviour and criminal offences.”

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