Organizing Tips for a Small Bathroom

Organizing a small bathroom can present many challenges, especially when the bathroom is shared amongst family members. Trying to organize everyone’s toiletries inside a small vanity cabinet with no shelving or drawers may seem almost impossible. Cluttered bathroom countertops are also common in a small bathroom, making it difficult for homeowners to find what they need during the morning rush.

Homeowners sometimes try to compensate by purchasing floor standing shelves to store and organize all of their everyday toiletries, but the shelving often becomes cluttered and disorganized, making the bathroom look even more cramped than it already is.

If all of this sounds very familiar to you, you may be ready for a bathroom declutter session. Before you rush out to buy the latest and greatest bathroom organizers, take a look at all of the products and toiletries you have to see if you can get rid of anything. Toiletries and make-up do eventually expire. You’ll want to get rid of make-up that has dried up, is old or you’re no longer wearing. Same goes for lotions, creams and cleaning supplies. If you have make-up that you have never worn, see if you have a friend or colleague that can take it off your hands. This is the time to declutter and start fresh, so avoid hanging onto items in the event that you might need them someday.

Once you have finished your purging session, you can look at the storage space you have and see if you need to purchase anything additional. You may decide to move excess bathroom supplies to another area so that you have space for your everyday items.

If you have the room to bring in a small free-standing shelving unit, use baskets on each shelf to corral the clutter, and use each basket for specific items, e.g. a basket for lotions, a basket for cosmetics, etc. If you begin mixing them up, you won’t be able to find anything and will be back to square one. Take a look inside the bathroom vanity, measure the space and shop for under-sink organizers to help with storage and organization under the sink.

If it’s a shared bathroom, you’ll also want to ask for input when devising the system to be sure that it’s one that everyone involved can live with. Once your bathroom is organized and the organizational systems are in place, inform the other family members so that they know what goes where. Decluttering a space that you use every day will make your life so much easier and will start your day off right.

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