New Year, New Home: Revamp your house and give it a fresh look

It’s been six months or more since you’ve been thinking of updating your house. Even your Instagram account pops up with those perfect images of designer made interiors and that fancy furniture pieces. Your desktop has dozens of pictures with perfect exterior house painting, and all of them have something blue you always dreamed of painting it in. Then you wake up every morning to that pale-bored façade that didn’t bring you happiness since the moment your mother-in-law chooses the color.

Long story short, the time is now. That exterior house painting dream can be a reality tomorrow. Start by reviewing your color preferences. Choose a color that will attract your attention but, at the same time, will not irritate or disturb your neighbors. Keep in mind that there are the main color and several additional secondary shades that will work in harmony together. That can be applied to the interior house paint pallet as well.  If you have a first hand knowledge of the art of painting, you can easily choose the best colour for your house. Skills such as how to paint acrylic can be learned and mastered quite easily and they will be handy when you choose color for your home.

 You can opt for more daring solutions, such as mixing different façade materials. Go for ranch style stone cladding or everyone loved red brick façade. If the previous owners painted the brick surface, you don’t have to worry as there are so many exterior paint removals from brick services provided by EchoHousePainting professionals.

 By choosing brand new materials or color for the old façade, you have to consider several things: there are ethical restrictions that allow only a specific range of materials or color palettes that will suit the architectural style of your street or area. And that is OKAY because you don’t want to be bothered by a fuchsia façade while crossing the street. If the area you are living in is an old hood with well-preserved architecture, then you have to maintain that style as it follows strict building code restrictions. That doesn’t mean it has to be boring. That will challenge you to dare for some unusual design ideas implementations. You can combine some piece of art or sculpture to give a personal signature to enhance your home’s particular design style.

 At first, it appears to be an overtime working and never-ending choices and fights with your partner. To keep the love and peace between you two, please hire some professional and long-lasting exterior painting service from EchoHousePainting – also known for their impeccable project executions in very short timeframes.

There are exterior house painting companies that will support your ideas and, at the same time, will give a reasonable solution for you to save your money from wrong decisions. Yes, you will reduce your exterior house painting cost when you and a professional service team follow the design plan to meet your expectations. Do you remember the feeling when you have no idea what to do with a certain space? Or you like so many colors and shades that get you crazy and tired. Don’t worry; we are here to help with decisions you will not regret later. Get a free of charge consultation from EchoHousePainting – the leading exterior house painting contractors in Massachusetts. 

Today is the right time to start shaping and coloring your dreams.