Monty Don: Gardeners’ World host responds to unlikely jibe about his ‘scruffy’ garden | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

“What a troll,” another follower remarked in the comments section of the post.

“Some people have nothing better to do with their time… he clearly hasn’t taken much of a look at your garden.”

Praising Monty’s response, the fan went on to say: “Your reply drips with superb sarcasm which will be lost on him, but gives the rest of us a good chuckle.”

“Sadly, we all have days when we are less than our best. Sorry you have to hear from us on those days,” a third fan retorted.

A fourth follower added: “In my opinion Monty, your garden is looking amazing.

“Our gardens are individual and ours to make. We will not all like the same thing but that’s the point of gardening. Who cares if one plant has fallen into another? Not me. Keep up the good work.”

Monty Don will appear on The One Show tonight at 7pm on BBC One.

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