Man Blows Up Part Of House While Trying To Swat Fly

A man who was chasing a fly with an electric swat accidentally blew up part of his house on Sept. 4 in the village of Parcoul-Chenaud in Dordogne, in Southwest France.

The unidentified Frenchman, in his 80s, was piqued by the buzzing sound the fly was making while he was having his dinner. The man then picked up the electric racket designed to kill bugs and took an aim at the fly, while being unaware of a gas cylinder leakage at his home.

The gas, upon coming into contact with the swat, caused an explosion, and part of his kitchen was blown up as a result. The blast also damaged the roof partly and the home was left inhabitable, Sky News reported.

The man, who could potentially die, managed to escape with just a burn to his hand, according to the publication. The man is since residing at a local campsite while his family is working to repair his house, according to French news outlet Sud-Ouest.

What happened to the fly remains a mystery.

On Sep. 6, a mother-of-three in Texas, Kate Wise, suffered severe burns after her hand sanitizer allegedly caught fire. The bottle exploded after coming into contact with the flames of the candle that she lit at her home. She immediately ran away from the home with her disabled daughter and pets, while her other two daughters alerted the neighbors. Wise was rushed to a hospital with severe burns to her entire body and remained in the Intensive Care Unit as of Sep. 4.

Flying Ant Photo of a flying ant Photo: Pixabay

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