Man, 80, blows up his kitchen while trying to swat a fly

There’s definitely a moral in here somewhere (Picture: Google Maps/Getty Images)

A pensioner blew up his own kitchen while trying to kill a fly with an electric bug zapper.

The man, 80, was trying to reach the buzzing insect, but he hadn’t planned for the fact that gas was leaking into the property.

He waved the bug zapper – which looked like a tennis racket and is designed to burn flies the moment there is contact – but instead of swatting the fly, the hot instrument ignited the gas.

The kitchen and part of the roof was destroyed, but the man escaped serious injury by diving on the floor.

He was treated in hospital in Libourne following the disaster, which took place in the French village of Parcoul-Chenaud, north east of Bordeaux, at around 7.45pm on Friday.

An investigating source said: ‘On this occasion, gas was leaking into the man’s house.

He was using an electric flyswatter which looked like a tennis racket (Picture: Getty)

‘The very hot zapper ignited the gas, causing a sudden explosion.

‘The man was lucky to get away with a burned hand after diving on the floor, but the kitchen was destroyed along with part of the roof.’

He has not been allowed to return to the house, and is instead staying in a local campsite until repairs are carried out.

It is not known whether the offending fly survived the blast.

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