Madison Square Garden extends furloughs for 1,700 workers

There’s no indication of just how long temporary will be. Despite the rest of the city reopening, performances and events have been disallowed since March. When those types of large-scale gatherings will be safe again is anyone’s guess, and the Garden’s filing shows how that prolonged uncertainty is touching even the most well-known names in the city. Madison Square Garden Entertainment Group, the Garden’s parent company, reported just $9 million in total revenue in its most recent quarterly report, a 96% decrease on the $215.2 million it brought in for the same quarter in 2019. 

Many of the city’s other venues also are in financial distress. The Metropolitan Opera House said in September that it would not reopen for at least a year, and a similar filing with the Department of Labor shows it has furloughed or laid off more than 2,000 people. Broadway’s layoffs have surpassed 1,000, and Carnegie Hall has dipped into its endowment. 

Madison Square Garden Entertainment Group owns the Beacon Theatre and Radio City Music Hall in addition to its Penn Plaza site. The extended furloughs mainly hit its Penn Plaza workforce, although they also affect 54 workers at the Beacon Theatre and 140 workers at Radio City Music Hall. 

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