Lordstown shows off the interior of its Endurance electric pickup

Lordstown teased the interior of its upcoming Endurance pickup truck for the first time late September, and has confirmed it’s got 40,000 orders for the new truck.

The truck was unveiled in June, but the inside wasn’t shown off then.

The interior is clean but spartan, as you would expect in a fleet truck. Lordstown is aiming its vehicle sales mostly at companies that will buy a tonne at once, which means luxury and accessories come secondary to functionality, a mantra carried through the interior.

Replacing standard dials and switches is a horizontal screen that stretches over two-thirds of the dashboard’s width. From there you get all the information you need, including speed, range, and infotainment. There are a few analog dials near the centre console, presumably for the climate control, and a “gear” selector.

The vehicle will have a battery range of 250 miles (400 km) and offer 600 horsepower, thanks to its four hub-mounted motors.

The Endurance will have a lot of competition by the time deliveries start in late 2021. New companies such as Rivian and Bollinger are also getting ready to sell their EV trucks, while the big boys at Ford and Tesla should hit that same market in that time-frame, too. Where the Endurance will hopefully set itself apart is in its price, specifically since it’s being built for fleet use rather than strictly street use.

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