Kandy Garden Club helps to promote sports in the town

The Kandy Garden Club which counts over 100 years of existence was established in 1878. It was started by the British especially for planters to play tennis over the weekends. It continued to be so till about 1945, when a special class of Ceylonese were permitted to join the Club.By 1950, it was open to the Ceylonese and the first President was Col.S.D.Ratwatte, who was elected in 1950 while Chandra.Wijenayake was elected as the Secretary. The original Club House built in 1878 is still intact, with a few renovations.

The Club now provides several facilities to members,which include Tennis, billiards ,Snooker, Table Tennis and card games like Bridge. In Billiards too they have promoted the game by inviting the World Billiard Champions, Paul Mifsud, Norman Dagley,Michael Ferreira,M.J.M.Lafir and others to play exhibition matches at the Club table. In 1989 they staged the second Snooker test between Sri Lanka and Pakistan at the Club. .Traditionally over the years, they have awarded distinguished personalities honorary membership in the Club as it has a well equipped Bar and a Restaurant.

There are four well maintained Tennis Courts for adult and Student Members and a special feature is that flood lit tennis is available for those who wish to play tennis in the night . The Club also conducts Tennis coaching camps for beginners and organizes Tennis tournaments for children of International and National Schools in the Central province. They organise ranking tennis tournaments and have produced several national level players in the recent past. Over the years Kandy Garden Club has maintained a very high standard in both Billiards and Snooker and World class players like M.J.M.Lafir and Leslie Driffield were seen in action at these tournaments.Facilities are also provided to school children to play Table Tennis at the Club.Another popular game the members engage in is Bridge, a card game ,Bridge tournaments are conducted at the club for over 50 years.

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