Interior wall of Main Street building has history glued to it | News

“I tried to talk dad into keeping it (the unusual newspaper wall paper) and put sheet rock on it,” Stacy said.

Stacy was Jerry’s business partner on many projects.

The fate of the newsprint appears dire as workers gave an indication that it probably would be tossed during this fix up.

“Dad was a realtor, builder and into construction,” Stacy added. “In 2008, dad went all out on the Main Street building. And, up until the fire, the building was in perfect shape.

The recent fires of the last three years damaged one side of the building and part of the roof. The water problem was something they did not foresee.

“We are trying to get dried out,” Stay added. “Dad said he had $325,000 into it, but I don’t know if that is the retail value or actual (money) put in.”

Unfortunately, the building’s insurance had not been fully paid within the 12 month period when the fire happened. Getting a settlement was not in the cards.

The family is still deciding on what to do with the historic Wagoner building. They may sell. It’s just not sure.

“Back in 1908, it was a salon downstairs with boarding rooms upstairs,” Stacy described. “The newspapers could have been added in the 1940s and 1960s during big remodels in Wagoner.”

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