Interior Ministry to involve aviation to respond to illegal actions during Ukraine’s local elections

The involvement of aviation units of the Interior Ministry’s system is provided for a prompt response to changes in the situation during the local elections in Ukraine.

“Based on the calculations, almost 140,000 law enforcement officers will be involved to ensure public security during the local elections. It is planned to involve the aviation units of the Interior Ministry’s system for prompt response to changes in the situation,” First Deputy Interior Minister Serhiy Yarovy said at the meeting.

He said that, given the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic amid which the electoral process is holding, the personnel are provided with protective equipment.

“We will involve reserve groups of law enforcement officers from the central office of the National Police, university cadets and police officers from regional departments,” Yarovy said.

According to Deputy Minister Serhiy Honcharov, operational reserves have been created in the regions to respond to challenges and threats that may arise during the elections.

“In order to increase the efficiency of the formation of reserves and direct response, it is planned to involve our aviation within the election campaign. We plan to involve all the available forces and means of aviation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, namely, aircraft and helicopters. The presence of helicopters will allow respond to illegal activities in the most remote points where there is no landing strips,” Honcharov said.

Head of the State Emergency Service Mykola Chechotkin said that in order to ensure an adequate level of fire safety and prevent emergencies during the preparation and conduct of local elections, the specialists of the service in the country are inspecting the facilities where the polling stations will be located.

Local elections in Ukraine are scheduled for October 25.

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