How to preserve red wine

If you preserve your wine correctly, it can last for ages and grow in value and quality. Poor preservation, however, can spoil even the best of wines. There are various methods to preserve red wine. The most important of these is storing your wine in a large wine fridge, maintaining your wine at the correct temperature and humidity, and protecting wine from light and vibration. It is also advisable to store your wine bottles horizontally.


Store open bottles of wine correctly.

You have opened and enjoyed a portion of your favourite bottle of wine, but you still have some wine left in the bottle. How do you preserve that wine so that it does not waste? Different people use different methods to keep open wine. Generally, an empty bottle of wine can last from three to five days. Recorking wine after serving limits your wine coming into contact with oxygen and will help the wine keep its flavour. Use the same end of the cork to go back into the bottle. If the cork has been damaged, use a rubber wine stopper to create a tight seal. Finally, store all open bottles of wine upright in a cool place.


Choice of wine cooler

There are many wine coolers available on the market, but you have decided you would like a built-in wine cellar, and you now need to choose which one you would like. A built-in wine cooler will enable you to store and serve your wine at the correct temperature, but it will also enhance the look of any kitchen. You can use the BODEGA43 range of compressor wine coolers as built-in or free-standing. In addition, you can choose a full glass door that is tinted black at the edges or a glass door with a chic stainless steel frame.

Points to ponder when choosing the correct built-in wine cellar

It is essential to consider both the outside dimensions of the wine cooler and the built-in area of your kitchen. The standard niche width is 60 centimetres, and the BODEGA43, which can store 40 bottles of wine, is an ideal choice. The wine coolers that can hold 18 or 32 bottles also fit perfectly under the kitchen counter but do not have the standard width of 60 centimetres. Accurately measure the height, width and depth of the space available. Do not forget to account for ventilation, so you should not place the wine cooler should go directly against the rear wall. It would be best to consult your kitchen dealer for specific dimensions before purchasing.


Choosing the correct built-in wine cellar

Now that you know the niche dimension, you can find the suitable model you want. Note that you can adjust the height of the wine cooler slightly (by not more than two centimetres) using the adjustable feet. The specifications give the minimum size, and the depth excludes the handle. The power supply should be connected at the rear of the cabinet, ensuring that there is always a supply of fresh air. Otherwise, the compressor can overheat. Also, ensure the free flow for the air vent, which you should place at the front of the cooler, at the bottom.