How to Choose the Right Wood Stain for Your Home

Having some renovations in your home is not only exciting but can be a costly affair as well. For some people, undertaking the whole renovation project by themselves has proven to be cost-effective. However, having a professional do the work gives better, effective, and beautiful results. 

Staining the wood around your house can bring your property to life. It not only adds value but is also aesthetically pleasing. A beautiful outdoor space can get enhanced through a professional wood stain process. 

Why should you stain your decks and fences?

Wood generally looks appealing. Whether softwood or hardwood, their appearance speaks volumes about a particular space. Also, a professional wood stain will make your wood look more aesthetically appealing. 

By selecting a professional wood stain company for your project, they turn the valuable pieces in your home to look more appealing. It gives the wood some character. It makes ordinary wood look more elegant and expensive. 

What are the things to consider when choosing the ideal wood stain?

  • Color preference

Numerous wood stain colors may appeal to you, while others will not. You need to decide if you want to match the existing color of your exterior to their respective decks and colors. Ask yourself if the color complements the overall theme of your space.

Consider dark or light finishes, and see which ones appeal to you. Do you prefer a natural or colored stain?  You can request the professional wood stain company to avail you of a portfolio of past work. The pictures should give you an idea and help you make the best choice. Doing ample research will make your color search easier. 

  • Stain coverage

When choosing the right stain coverage for your home, you need to decide between a heavy or light one. Are you in search of something that allows the stained piece to be the center of attraction? Are you looking for soothing subtle but shines from a distance? Do you want something permanent semi-transparent or solid? 

Answering some of these questions will lead you to the best professional wood stain company and the best ideas for your space. 

  • Type of wood

The type of wood you settle for affects the kind of stain you need. Its texture may alter with the overall outcome of your favorite stain. Consider if the wood is rough, porous, or in between. 

Stain can show the grain depending on the coverage. Always consider the wood quality before settling for a particular stain.

Some of the different types of wood stains include:

  • Sealer stains 

These contain the sealant in the mix. It allows for both its application and color in a single step. That reduces extra costs and reduces time wastage that occurs during the traditional stain application process. 

They penetrate through the wood and keep it moisturized to avoid chipping, cracking, and peeling. 

  • Vanish stains

Varnish stains are unpigmented, and the ingredients used in them are similar to those in oil paints.  It allows for gradual or immediate hardening as it cures. It is one of the most durable options. However, it attracts dust and dries as it dries, affecting the overall finish. 

  • Non-grain raising stains

The non-grain-raising stain uses a volatile spirit mixture and an aniline dye. It can be costly. They stain best when used on hardwoods and sturdy kinds of woods. However, closed-grained wood that doesn’t absorb oil properly usually has a better outcome. 

  • Water-based stains

The water-based stains are ideal for water-based finishes. It uses a replacement of the organic thinner with water. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly option, the water-based stains are for you. It contributes less to pollution and irritates less. That is because it can get easily cleaned up. 

  • Pigmented oils stains

The pigmented oil stain is non-penetrating. In this stain, pigments get mixed with turpentine, linseed oil, and mineral spirits. If you are on a tight budget, this may work well for your home. The only downside with this is that it does not work well with all the hardwoods. It also has a specific application. 


Finding the ideal wood stain for your home does not have to be as challenging. With so much information out there, you’ll get guidance on how to make the right choice. And what to consider when choosing a professional wood stain company. Hopefully, this guide will also help you make the crucial decision. Always aim to work within your budget, and you will find the right choice for you.