How to Choose the Right Living Room Carpet and Home Accessories for the Winter

Carpets are most preferable for winter than wood. You can imagine walking barefoot on wood or tile flooring during a freezing winter day. Even with additional warmth devices like space heaters, heat can be retained better on carpet than with wood floors.

In this article, I am going to share some tips to help you choose the best carpet for your home this winter. We shall look at how the various recommendations made are going to help your home feel warm, cozy, and comfortable.

1.  The carpet padding

Many might disregard this very important aspect of a good winter carpet because after all, once the carpet is laid down on the floor we don’t get to see it.

However, what they fail to see is that carpet padding is crucial for insulation purposes among other benefits. Carpet pads are necessary for thermal insulation. We already know that keeping everything during winter insulated is essential.

During this cold winter season, the padding will help retain some of your home’s heat and when winter is over and the hot season kicks in, it is the padding that will prevent cool air from escaping.

Carpet padding also serves to provide support and comfort to help maintain the life of your carpet as well as to keep it in shape, because the truth is, a carpet without a pad can never last long.

Therefore when choosing what carpet is best for your living room, ensure the carpet is well secured with a thick layer of padding.

Carpet padding can be bought at any home furniture company, whether online or near you. However, when you opt for the former care should be taken before purchase because online marketing is filled with false advertisement and product endorsement.

To filter out this bad practice, I suggest that you check and read reviews about the product and company making it before making your final purchase.

2.  The fiber used

The fiber used to make your carpet will go a long way to determine whether the carpet you have chosen will withstand the winter season.

Selecting the best out of the many different types of carpet fibers can be a hard task especially when you don’t know what to for. There are synthetic and natural fibers

Some fibers retain heat and that is what we want for our living rooms. Wool is one such preferred carpet fiber for winter. They are natural insulators and you expect them to keep your living room warm during the winter and cool during summer.

Wool is excellent as far as durability is concerned. However, if you choose to go with all-natural wool, then you must ensure that it is not exposed to water or leaks. This is because natural wool as much as it is the warmest can easily be damaged by mold and mildew.

Perhaps you might consider looking at some acrylic carpet. They are synthetic wool and they go for a much cheaper price. They are also very warm and suitable for winter. You can also get blended acrylics and wool carpet.

To extend its durability, or whichever the fiber you choose, ensure that it has good padding as discussed above, the padding helps prevent tear and crushing of the fiber.

Finding the best carpet with the best fiber suitable for winter should not be hard. A lot of these are sold at specific home decor companies online.

Riverbend Home for example might be a good store to begin your search. You might as well visit your local company near you if online shopping is not your preferred shopping style.

3.  Color

Often color is used for decorative purposes and not a lot of people consider it for more than that.

Dark and dull colors are scientifically known to retain more heat than repel it. This is why during winter, choosing a dark color for your carpet is what you should go for.

However, when you’re more conservative with the colors in your home and you don’t want to switch to a darker colored carpet, then you might opt for electrically heated carpets or under carpet heating.

You might probably have heard of clothing that has a heat generation system in them to provide warmth, this is because almost everything is tech-integrated these days.

There are therefore electric-heated carpets in the market for those of you who prefer to keep the house theme going without messing with the color scheme.

It might be a little more expensive but it’s of more value and you get a lot from it than a regular carpet.