How Restumping Helps Keep Your Home Safe and In Excellent Condition

If you have stumps in your house and reside in a flood-prone area, then you probably know all too well that the most significant threat to your home’s foundation is moisture. This is true especially for homes supported by wooden stumps which are relatively common among traditional homes of the past.

Now there is nothing wrong with using hardwood for house stumps as they are very hardy. That said, they do degrade over time due to continuous exposure to moisture and pests. Having your home restumped is the very best method to make sure that you are safe from any impending disasters that could threaten your home and your family’s security. How is this so?

Restumping reveals the condition of your home’s foundation

There is an old saying goes — what you do not know cannot affect you. However, when it comes to installing adjustable house stumps , the exact opposite is true. You might be casually going about your day to day life, with no clue that the foundation of your house is falling apart.

Unless you understand what you are searching for, house stumps might look ok from the outside, while inside the wood could be degrading rapidly due to bugs and weather condition. Having them restumped is one method to examine the state of your stumps and have the comfort of understanding that you will not have to worry about it for at least a decade or so.

Prevent Dry Rot

Old homes that have been resting on the same wooden stumps for an extended period are highly likely to have dry rot in places, which can spread to the rest of the house.

Nowadays, when houses are restumped, the products utilised are produced specially to prevent this from happening, where formerly the technology was not there that we have today. When you have your house restumped, you are given the alternative of picking fresh wood, concrete or galvanised steel. The latter is much more powerful and provides more security versus dry rot. Throughout the restumping process, you might have the ability to assess any decay that has already made it up into the beams of your house, and have them replaced too.

Protecting your valuables

For most people who have lost their home due to severe flooding, the most gut-wrenching part of the experience is losing their memorabilia and collectibles due to water damage.

Restumping allows homeowners the opportunity to prevent this from happening by raising the house a few inches off the ground. This gives your home additional breathing space in the case of rising flood waters.

Increases the Resale Value of the Property

If you are planning to offer your house whenever shortly, or if you are renovating with the possibility of selling your home at some point, then restumping is one element that will make your home appealing to would-be buyers.

In most cases, people are prudent enough to consider future upkeep before purchasing a house. Hence restumping can be used as a bargaining chip for charging more money should you ever decide to sell your home in the future.