Houston-based company offers and installs raised kitchen garden beds

Have you picked up any new hobbies during the pandemic? Well, turns out gardening is one that’s really growing in popularity.

Houston-based company offers and installs raised kitchen garden beds



A sprouting trend gardening expert, Jill Oliver says she has seen blossom over the last few months, after people started looking for a safe outlet.


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“I have seen a huge spike in gardening. As you can imagine when all the businesses shut down, we had nowhere else to go except for outside, so it became a great opportunity to learn how to garden,” Jill Oliver, with Rooted Garden, said.

Oliver is a lead consultant for Rooted Garden, a Houston-based company that designs and installs raised kitchen garden beds all over the city.

It is a perfect gardening solution for those who don’t have a lot of space around their home.

From relieving stress, to harvesting your own fresh fruits and veggies, Oliver said gardening has several health benefits, especially for those worried about the coronavirus.

“It is a perfect way to social distance. First, you’re outside, you’re among these beautiful plants, you’re six feet apart, enjoying all this beauty,” she said.

She described it as a hobby that people of all ages can take up, and at the end, enjoy the fruits of their labor.

“It’s a fun hobby for the whole family, for the very young, to the elderly,” she said.

Oliver said kitchen gardens usually take one to two days to install and cost around $125 per square foot.

Oliver said the backyard transformations are truly amazing. She also adds Houston is the perfect city to test your green thumb in, because its climate allows you to garden all year round.

Oliver’s advice to beginners hoping to start a garden on a much smaller scale?

“I would say just go for it, get a pot with some soil, put some seeds in there, give it a try,” she explained. “You’ll be amazed. Nature is amazing to watch things grow; it is truly miraculous.”

For more information about Rooted Gardens and its online blog, Gardenary that offers free resources on how to succeed in gardening, click here.

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