hong kong apartment refurbishment by lim + lu blurs the line between interior & exterior

situated on the first floor of an old building in metropolitan hong kong, architecture practice lim + lu presents the refurbishment of a 167 sqm apartment for a japanese family of four. dubbed the grosvenor residence, the project aims to allow nature to breathe life into its redesigned interior, creating a space that refreshes its residents. using neutral colors, earthy textures, open spaces, and lots of greenery, the architects have generated a vibrant environment, blurring the line between the indoor and the outdoor world.

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the apartment overlooks a tree line, which inspired lim + lu to enlarge all pre-existing small windows into large antique style steel fenestration. in this way, more natural light was brought into the living space, illuminating it sufficiently. the black wooden blinds and delicate brass details accentuate the feeling of an elegant yet quaint summer home. the room is completed with wooden slats and rattan, which generate richness in texture, while keeping a clean aesthetic that adheres to the overall feel. altogether, these elements work simultaneously, ensuring that the family lives in understated luxury, in close connection with nature. 



taking into account that the clients often work from home, lim + lu aimed to form a functional, tranquil space, where residents can think and focus, energized by nature and greenery, though never distracted by them. the tall windows and brass accents serve as a modern interpretation of a study, while providing an atmosphere that encourages creativity and positive work mentality. an abundance of daylight, neutral colors, and wooden elements adorn the room and balance the visual characteristics harmoniously.



the children’s bathroom was designed with a traditional japanese bathroom in mind, with a deep soaking tub and a separate shower space. as these kinds of bathrooms are typically wet rooms, an acid-washed granite finishes the surfaces of the space, emphasizing the calming, meditative atmosphere. with these soaking rooms deeply tied to the concept of renewal, lim+lu hopes to provide that same revitalization of body and spirit to the residents.



to create an open space layout that flows seamlessly between the kitchen, dining, living room, study, and balcony, the original enclosed kitchen was opened up and combined with the rest of the rooms. this large open area now serves as a family room, where all members gather whether it is over a meal in the dining room or over activities by the couch. all while enjoying the scenery through the large balcony doorway, the view framed by palm trees and greenery to really bring to life the feeling of the perfect summer getaway right at home.



project info:


name: grosvenor residence
architecture office: lim + lu
location: mid-levels, hong kong
area: 167 sqm



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