Hanging Indoor Plants Best for Creating Wilderness

a vase of flowers on a plant: Jungle-Theme Décor: Hanging Indoor Plants Best for Creating Wilderness

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Jungle-Theme Décor: Hanging Indoor Plants Best for Creating Wilderness

[hans]People are trying to get busier in their homes since the pandemic. Creativity and hobbies have been the new hype this year. Beautifying or decorating our homes is a perfect way of killing your time efficiently while you are locked up inside your houses. Hanging houseplants is the most hype for creating the bohemian décor of the living space or indoor jungles inside the house. The demand for indoor pants has been shooting up after Instagram influencers were seen designing the indoor jungles.

Indoor plants like succulents can add an exquisite touch to your home. In fact, hanging plants brings greenery without taking all the space in the room. So, here are some plants which can be a hanging plant décor to create the indoor jungle look of your space:

Fishbone Cactus: This cactus plant is perfect for adding a bit of character to your living space. It is a wild cactus, which means it thrives in moist and warm conditions. You need to water more frequently than other cactus. Hanging Golden Pothos: It is a very popular choice as it is easy to care plant with high adaptability. You can hang it from the ceiling, clutch it on a window rod, place it on the edge of the windowsill or put it on the top of a bookshelf to trail down. Hang the plant where it can get a lot of sunlight and water it occasionally.

String of Pearls: The string of pearls is a unique-looking succulent that thrives with a lot of bright light. You can place it on a windowsill or hang it from a curtain pole. It’s easy to know that the plants need water after the completely dried topsoil. You can also put it on a side-table of the room to add elegance with the pearl-like drops of greenery.

Wax Plant: You can hang it adjacent to a white wall to give the fantastic look. This plant can grow up to six feet long and easily grown in dry to semi-dry soil. Just water them once in a while and they are happy to creep out more.

Hanging Satin Pothos: This pothos is fit to be décor in any room with its trailing stems and silvery leaves. They are originally grown in the rainforest, which makes the satin pothos adjustable in a shady light. So, you can put it in any place of the room, even in the darker area with indirect sunlight, and water it when the topsoil has dried out.

String of Hearts: The delicate heart-shaped leaves budding on the string steal away the attention of the room. This plant is perfect for side-table or on top of a bookshelf and looks like a heart-shaped waterfall.

Spiderwort: This spiderwort is a multi-colour leaf with a purple underside and makes a perfect fit for a side table on dull corners. This trailing plant prefers to keep its soil moist all the times and loves a lot of light. It will also go along to hang around the balcony beside the handcrafted-bamboo swings.

String of bananas: This is a succulent plant with distinctive banana-shaped leaves which is also known as fish hooks. It is native to South Africa and is the best option to put on the sun-drenched windowsill.

Baby Tears: This delicate plant will make an incredible mat of creeping vine of leaves. It prefers moist soil and little light to full shade place. Water it frequently as they need a lot of water. Hang them from the ceiling besides the wall in the innermost corner of the room.

Neon prayer plant : Commonly known as Hardy Maranta because of the way its leaves close at nightfall. This vibrant plant is perfect for window sills, tabletops or shelves which need a splash of colour. It thrives in humidity so spraying mist every few days will be a great idea.

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