Halloween Decor Fails To Never, Ever Try at Home-During a Pandemic or Otherwise

Halloween decor runs the risk of being tacky, tasteless, and over the top-particularly with COVID-19. Here’s what to do-and what not to do-this year.

This Halloween, trick-or-treating may seem a whole lot scarier than in the past, given that you could snag some coronavirus along with all that candy corn. Still, though, if there’s one thing we all can do to celebrate Halloween that maintains a healthy social distance, it’s decorate our house!

Yet be warned: Halloween decorations often run the risk of being tacky or over the top (inflatable zombie babies, we’re glaring at you), and when you throw a pandemic into the mix, it gets even trickier to get right.

To help you navigate this strange new world, we’ve pulled together some Halloween decorating fails to avoid during a pandemic, or anytime really—plus some smarter alternatives that probably won’t offend your neighbors.

Don’t: Thank front-line workers with skeletons

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Last night at 7pm our little community of Trout Creek had a Honk parade for all the essential workers we appreciate so much. Of course the Peskellys had to get involved

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