Great tips for decorating with vintage items

Decorating the home with vintage items adds charm and character to the interior of the house. Filling the home with vintage goodies may seem hard but is not far from impossible. Some simple tips can be followed to create a fresh and new look in the home. One way to go is to look for interior decorators online.

There are a plethora of them and visiting review sites like can keep you abreast with the correct information which will enable you to choose the right interior decorator.

Aside that, these tips for decorating the home with vintage items can come in handy:

Let go of traditional ideas

It’s imperative not to be afraid of designing your home the traditional way. Vintage is great and unique. It’s not the type of design that is common. In order to use this style, then one cannot follow the normal path, the normal, the common way of decorating. Viewing this type of decoration with a different eye is the first step in knowing how magical vintage is.

Don’t start big

If you are not experienced in decoration, it’s better to start small. A trip to the local antique shop, thrift shop or the best design stores would be a wise decision. You can buy the item you want or love for example you can decide to let go of the typical base on your coffee table and replace it with an old vintage gas. This step can increase the character and charm in your room.

Pair vintage and neutral colour

There is a huge energy in choosing neutral colours and mixing it with Vintage colours. Using red and dark colours gives a busy character. Using cream tones, gray and light blues is much more appealing and soothing.

Collect old items from your grandmother

Any old goodies that your mum and grandmother left lying around can be used to design the home. Those items have a personal story and they are also vintage. If some amazing treasures can be gotten from your grandmother, then it’s a plus.

Decorating with old books

Old books are very important when decorating your home with vintage items . Using old books is not as hard as it seems. Using twine to wrap them or burlap to protect the covers can go a long way in protecting the books. The books can also be stacked on top of one another. To put the neutral touch, lacing the book with a white material and ribbon can do the magic.

Use unconventional items

This is a very important step. It’s also an extreme tip. It’s wonderful and can add charm to your home. You can put a porch railing in your home. This may seem crazy but it can work magic. It also seems bizarre and strange to put a vintage crib spring in the house. This creates an impeccable backdrop for any item that the homeowner might want to display.

Be Knowledgeable

Some people believe that using vintage items to decorate their home means the home owner prefers something worn out or old. This is false. One attribute of a vintage designer is the ability to know the difference between junks and useful items. It may be your goal to bring old items back to life but knowing the boundary will help the designer to choose useful vintage items.

Conclusively, using the aforesaid tips can help you create an amazing vintage design. It’s imperative to create a home you desire and be unique.