Good samaritans rescue drowning fawn on Interior lake

A small fawn is likely feeling very thankful after it was rescued from a potential drowning incident this weekend.

According to Interior resident Debbie Palmer, her daughter was out at Pavilion Lake with friends enjoying the final days of summer. Tara G Kimberley and her husband Jay Schaly, who are visiting from Vancouver, were out on their pontoon boat when they spotted a fawn swimming frantically in the water.

After some time, they managed to reach and rescue the fawn, pulling into the boat. Following the rescue, they dried off the baby, drove back to shore and let it go on its way.

<who> Photo Credit: Debbie Palmer

“They were on their pontoon boat on Sat, Sept. 5th, with friends when they spotted a fawn swimming frantically in the water,” said Palmer. “They managed to rescue the poor, exhausted fawn, dry him or her off and take it back to shore.”

The pair will return to the coast tomorrow as heroes to a local deer.

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