Getting rid of lawn weeds: use the right tools

It’s time to make your garden great again! But when to scarify lawn? This is just one of the important questions you need to answer. Luckily, we will do that for you. Read this article to get some interesting gardening tips. For example, what gardening tools do you need?

Keep your tools clean

The proper tools are needed when you are removing or preparing the lawn for planting. These tools are clean, sharp and sturdy and they need to be cleaned with a damp cloth between uses. Keep them clean at all costs, to keep the metal from rusting.  With the right tools, you can prepare the lawn for planting. Make sure that you know how to use them. The wrong tool in the wrong position can result in injuries. That would be terrible.

Get rid of lawn weeds

Do you want to get rid of lawn weeds? We can understand, but you do need to have the right tools to do so. Take flails, for example. Flail mowers work as well as lawn mowers. Use it for crushing lawn ornaments or large clumps of lawn grass to produce larger pieces of organic material. The flail will allow you to quickly turn these larger clumps of grass into finer material. Or use them for pulling the lawn off the ground instead.

The use of wheel barrows

We recommend to use wheel barrows for collecting the soil materials and then carrying them to our garden beds or planting holes. A wheel barrow can carry your soil to the planting hole or the garden bed for a variety of uses. If you don’t have large clumps of lawn grass ornaments or large clumps of tree leaves to discard them into the garden, then use the wheel barrows to collect the materials for composting in a closet or in a controlled environment.


A shovel is necessary as well, especially if you’re planning to till much. Also don’t forget the rake. This tool is useful for loosening ground and removing soil materials from between the rows of our planting beds. Rakes can be used to loosen ground if you want to add soil from outside the planting area to planting beds.

Scarify your lawn

Tools can also be used to scarify your lawn. However, if you have scarified on a lawn in the same place for 5 years, then there is no need to scarify again. You should fertilize regularly though, especially when the lawn is cool. If you fertilize on a day when the grass is still wet, then there can be fungal infections. We wish you the best of luck with maintaining your garden!