Garden Tips For Selling Your Home

Whether you are a green thumb who spends all spring tending your garden, or a black thumb whose garden consists of the few weeds you have not bothered to remove, your garden is an important part of selling your home. The first thing someone will see when they pull up to the curb or click on the online listing is the front of your home, and having an untended garden reflects badly on your home and might hurt your chances of selling. Since spring is here, it is time to get out to your garden and give it some TLC to help make potential buyers more interested in your home; here are some tips to help you with that.

Too Busy

Gardeners will often fall victim to impulse buys that do not really fit with the garden as a whole. You may love your eclectic garden, but that does not mean the potential buyers will. Try to remove some of the flowers that make the garden look busy and try to consolidate things into similar types. Remove some of your lawn ornaments as well to help make things less busy.

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You can save those flowers you remove and take them to your next home, so you will not lose your collection, it just will not be completely on display.

Make It Low Maintenance

A garden that looks like it will take hours to tend to every day or week can scare off buyers with a black thumb. Choose plants that are attractive and easy to maintain and spread them out tastefully; place some planters near the front door to give the entrance a cheery look. Look for flowers that are harder to kill like Marigolds, Daylilies, Begonias, Hostas, Petunias, and Yarrow. Make mention of this to your agent so they can reassure a prospective buyer who is worried about maintenance that it is easy to maintain, even for someone with a black thumb.

Look At It From The Inside

Walk through your home and observe your garden from the windows. This can help you strategize where to plant this spring. If a beautiful little patch of tulips can only be seen if you are in the backyard, move it so it is more visible, so the buyer can catch glimpses of it during their walkthrough.

Go Vertical

Vertical gardens are popular right now, because they look great and are easy to maintain. To begin a vertical garden, you need a wall that gets plenty of sun and a good support structure that can handle the excess moisture from the plants.

You can set up a trellis, hanging pots, a gutter system, a tower system, and much more. If you do this, pay attention to how much maintenance it requires so you do not go overboard and make something that will scare off buyers who do not want a high maintenance garden.

Display The Harvest

If you grow any food in your garden, if anything is ripe before a showing, put some of it in a bowl on a counter or table to show off the bounty from the garden. This shows them what they would be buying, and it looks nice.

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