Garden Patio Design – Patio Living

When choosing a location for your outdoor garden patio a little careful planning will be needed to determine the best use of the area you have to work with. Choosing the type and size of planters, layout of walks or paths and lighting or other features are all choices you will need to make, they can take up more room than you have to work with if you don’t plan ahead.

Some creative choices that you can use when limited space is an issue are hanging baskets and small pots. Larger areas you aren’t so limited with your choices, raised beds are a great choice for these areas.

A garden arbor or trellis is another feature that can add character to your patio area, along with a way of providing shade. Vine type flowering plants or even grapes are great choices and will add a pleasant feeling to

your patio entrance.

There are many choices when it come to plants for your patio gardens. Pot size, garden area and the amount of sunlight are going to be the factors that will determine what will grow best in that area. A simple layout of the pots while they are empty to determine the amount of sunlight they will receive throughout the day will greatly benefit you in the choice of plants you will be able to grow successfully in that area.

Another very important part of gardening in containers or pots is the soil you choose. when gardening with this method you will need a soil that will retain the moisture and nutrients needed for your plants to thrive. There are soilless potting mix that includes ingredients like peat moss, coir, vermiculite or perlite that are specifically made for container gardens.

The ideas for creating a garden patio are endless, and all have there own unique characteristic.