Garden City Schools Welcome Back Students

GARDEN CITY, NY — The morning of Sept. 8 was full of excitement in Garden City as school doors opened for students. With buildings equipped to meet social distancing guidelines and other health and safety regulations, the district began the 2020-21 school year with enthusiasm.

Signs and banners provided by PTA groups added to the welcoming atmosphere at each school. Bright decorations and uplifting messages framed the buildings as students were greeted by their principals and teachers and directed toward their classrooms.

Administrators and faculty members worked hard these last several weeks to get facilities ready for this day. They put time, effort and passion into the creation of warm, inspiring and comfortable instructional environments. Throughout the district, seating has been appropriately spaced, hallways are marked to prevent traffic and thorough cleaning measures are in place. Distribution of technology has begun and will continue for the next few weeks.

The long-awaited reunion between students and teachers was evident as they waved to one another and exchanged hellos. Learning commenced quickly within the buildings, indicating an excellent year ahead.

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